How to Use a KeyGen

How to Use a KeyGen, also known as “key generators” or “cracks,” are small utility programs used to generate product activation keys and serial numbers. While some people use KeyGens to pirate programs, doing so is illegal and can result in high fines if you are caught with pirated software.

Using a KeyGen to get a working product key or serial number is not difficult. If the right combination is not made the first time, you can try repeatedly until the program you want to use is unlocked.


Step 1

Before you can use your pirated software, you need to generate a valid activation key using the KeyGen that came with it. Installation is pretty straightforward – just make sure you don’t open the program until you have a key. Otherwise, the keygen won’t work and you’ll have to start from scratch.

Step 2

Please select the program you’d like to use on the KeyGen from the drop-down menu. This menu contains a list of all programs for which we generate keys. If you select the wrong program, the key will not work.

Step 3

In order to create a key, click the “Generate” button. Open the program you installed and enter the serial number and product activation key in the appropriate places when prompted. Complete the registration process and start the program. The KeyGen should have created a full version of the program.

If the KeyGen has a patch function, click “Patch” after generating the key. Navigate to the pirated program’s folder and install the key in that folder to get the program to work.

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