How to use QR codes to upgrade your Airbnb service

Homeowners who rent out their places or properties in Airbnb have to guarantee the comfort of their visitors so that they’d receive great reviews and have more guests in the future.

This is why they invest in interior designs, amenities, and appliances to make their place a cozy home away from home for travelers.

One way to provide convenience to guests is by adding QR codes using the best QR code generator online software.

Nine innovative QR code uses for your Airbnb

  1. Scan to book

Guests often take long to find listings on Airbnb since they’d have to carefully examine each one and figure out if it’s convenient for them and suitable for their budget.

You can simply copy the link to your Airbnb page, embed it in a QR code, and use the code to promote your listing online.

When they scan your code, guests will instantly find your listing. This direct promotion can help increase the likelihood of guests availing of your Airbnb.

  1. Virtual tour

Airbnb only allows hosts to upload images of their places. While a picture can provide guests with visual input, videos are much better since they can take guests on a virtual tour of the listing.

Good thing you can use a video QR code to redirect users to videos that show what your place looks like. You can show them your place’s amenities and the beautiful views from its windows.

After you have created a video QR code, you can simply download it as an image and then upload that image to your Airbnb gallery.

  1. Instant WiFi access

What’s excellent about Airbnb listings is that guests can enjoy hotel-like amenities at a considerably lower price. One such amenity is getting free and reliable WiFi.

Did you know that you can instantly create a WiFi QR code to easily connect customers to a WiFi network?

This removes the need for typing passwords. After one scan, the guests can easily get internet access.

They only need to come in, scan the WiFi QR code, and instantly feel at home in your place. That’s a plus when it comes to convenience and making them feel welcome.

  1. House rules

Airbnb hosts provide house rules that their guests should strictly observe to avoid property damage or ensure their safety and security.

Some of these rules include:

  • No smoking
  • No entry in off-limit places
  • No parties and unregistered visitors

You can create a document containing these house rules and embed it within a file QR code. Guests can easily have access to the file so they can keep the rules in mind.

They can also download the file on their devices, so it’s quicker for them to read the rules. It’s also more convenient than posting printed rules around the house.

  1. 6Appliance user manuals

The availability of appliances in an Airbnb is one thing that guests consider before availing of a listing.

But some visitors may have difficulty operating these, especially if they are unfamiliar with the appliance or if it comes with complicated buttons.

To provide convenience and preserve these appliances, you can use a QR Code software to provide an instructional video or PDF file containing the user manual.

In the logo, you can insert the image of the appliance you’re providing instructions for. This lets guests quickly access your guide so they can use the appliance correctly.

With this accessible guide, you can guarantee that your appliances will remain in top shape for many more years.

  1. Quick access to contacts

It’s important to provide guests with your contact number or hotlines of local authorities such as the police station, so they can quickly reach out for help in case of an emergency.

You can do this by creating a vCard QR code. When visitors scan it, they can immediately see the contact details on their screens and save them on their devices.

  1. Local spots

It’s proper etiquette for hosts to show their visitors around the city or town, and you can do this by providing your guests with a Google Maps QR code.

This will redirect them to a city or town map where they can see local attractions, nearby restaurants, and accessible hospitals or government centers.

You can also provide them with a list of your recommended food establishments or suggest an itinerary.

  1. Convenient feedback

Positive feedback from real visitors helps build your credibility as an Airbnb host. You can gather your guests’ comments more conveniently by setting up a feedback QR code.

This QR code can work in two ways: route guests to your Airbnb reviews page, or link them to a Google Form that they can fill out on their devices.

QR codes for a better Airbnb experience

As an Airbnb host, you are responsible for providing your clients a convenient and comfortable experience while they’re far from home.

With QR codes in your Airbnb, you can ensure your guests’ satisfaction, and you’re easily one step ahead of your competitors.

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