6 Ideas On How To Use Canva: Online Design Platform

6 Ideas On How To Use Canva, Technology has always been just around the corner, from communication, online shopping, helping you with your destination, and more. One of which that significantly profits from it is education. 

Learning ever since has never been the same; reports are now colorful, articles are more engaging, presentation becomes interactive. It is all because of the advancement in technology paving its way to different software, applications, and tools. 

These innovations in educational tools enhance the learning opportunity of students and even professionals. What was once traditional has now improved to advanced methods. These tools will give individuals opportunities to show their creative, innovative, and interactive ideas.

Canva is an online graphic design platform that provides different and easy-to-use templates for students or even professionals. Check here how you can make use of Canva in so many ways.

Presentation Templates

Is there an upcoming classroom report? Group project presentation or just a conference keynote? Here you can create a blank template or even edit an existing one for your presentation. In addition, you can add different free photos, videos and customize its fonts that fit the theme of your presentation.

Professors are the ones who find this tool very helpful. Educating this new generation takes a lot of patience and creativity because the attention span of students is very different. Technologies, extra-curricular activities, and other errands distract them from learning. Having a visual concept changes everything. Students are more engaged because they’re seeing what is being taught.

Education templates

Who would have thought that we will finally experience an era wherein digital classrooms exist? Awesome right! Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams are just a few examples of learning discovery through the help of technology. 

So Canva offers different templates that students or even teachers may use, like Calendar templates for your schedules and deadlines. Lesson plans templates for teachers to help them create better teaching materials. They also have a bookmark template if you feel creative and wanna give color to your learning style.

Most educational experts suggest that the learning experience can be improved using visual presentations like diagrams or graphs. It can help you remember information using those images.

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Marketing Materials

Canva offers different marketing materials for you if you are a student or even a professional wanting to create posters, logos, flyers, etc. There are thousands of templates in store for your creative minds.

Young entrepreneurs believe that this feature allows them to have the edge over the market competition they’re in. Advertising is no easy job. Product revenue may be affected if you cannot connect to your target market. Getting their attention is a must!

Have you seen food product advertisements? The Pro version of this platform can be used to create professional-looking website promotion materials like the company logo, website posters, and more. Here’s an example for you, take a look at how Purple Carrot oversees their advertising strategy. Using a simple poster already exhibits what their product is all about.

Social Media

This interactive platform is an avenue for your daily activities in life. 6 Ideas On How To Use Canva May it be from communication, personal use, to even business use. Nowadays, it is vital to have a presentable and trustworthy social media page. For example, suppose you are an educational institution or an organization.

In that case, it is important that your followers must be able to trust your page as a source of credible information. Not putting effort into it visually might show a lack of ideas and interest which is problematic. That is why tools like this may be able to improve your materials.

Video Templates

6 Ideas On How To Use Canva, Have you heard of the interactive learning experience? This method technically is about how we approach the learning experience in making it social, allowing peer-to-peer communication, and physical and self-awareness. Nowadays, we are no longer bound by the classroom corners just to learn and teach. We now have the means to be creative and learn through the use of technology. 

Learning materials can now be interactive. Through the clicks of your edit, a video presentation can be more than just a template. You can insert a personally shot video of yours like you narrating tutorials, discussion, and more.

Canva also offers professional templates for video editing. If you are currently working on a promotional video or teaser for events, school fundraising, and businesses, this tool has a lot to offer.

Resume Templates

A resume or curriculum vitae is a summary of your educational background, achievements, personal information, and skills. It gives your employer a glimpse of what you’re passionate about and what made you become who you are right now. In addition, it shares your skills and achievement in your field. That is why creating a resume that stands out is essential, giving you that edge over your colleague.

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