In Dry And Hot Weather Your Loan Needs Your Support

Many people owning their own house prefer to have a lawn at the house. However, as much as it is good to have a lawn at the house, we hate to break the bubble to you, but you have to maintain the lawn efficiently, and when summer comes, it is a whole different story. 

Though dry and hot weather is a good time for your lawn to grow, it is also a time when the grass gets dry and brown if not taken care of. So, besides mowing, you can also do a lot of things to take care of your lawn. We have discussed those ways in this article. 

Ways to Support Your Lawn in Dry And Hot Weather

The Right Way of Mowing Your Lawn

Mowing is an essential thing to do when you dare to have a lawn at your house. But do you know mowing is not the only thing to support your lawn? It is never enough. You must know the right way of mowing. So, you should never cut the grass too short. Since your lawn needs to put energy into regrowing grass shoots during hot weather, it is essential to cut the grass as required. 

For example, if your lawn is six inches, cut the grass to two inches. Also, it would help if you did the mowing at least once or twice a week. If you live in Hendersonville and think you cannot do this alone, search for Lawn Care Near Me Hendersonville TN.’

Liquid Aeration

Besides mowing, liquid aeration is another excellent option to take care of your lawn during dry and hot weather. It is a new method and a more beneficial alternative to core aeration. It is a combination of products that has proved to be more effective than traditional core aeration. Moreover, since liquid aeration penetrates deeper into the soil (five to six inches), it assists the grassroots in growing faster and expanding correctly. You can talk to any service providing Lawn Aeration Smyrna TN, to provide you with liquid aeration service for your lawn.  

Leave The Grass Clippings on The Lawn

Most of you may not welcome the idea of leaving the grass clippings on the lawn after cutting the grass. It makes sense because who does not want their lawn clean, right? But with lawn, we suggest you leave the grass clippings on the lawn because it helps the lawn to get fertilized. 

Do not collect the grass or sweep it into the streets. Instead, leave the grass clippings on the lawn after collecting so the grass can get the necessary nutrients. Search for any lawn care near me in Hendersonville, TN, if you think you cannot handle so much work alone. 

Water Your Lawn

Mowing is not enough to make your lawn look beautiful. You also need to water the grass. But can you use tap water to water the grass? Though the answer is yes, we still advise you to use rainwater. 

You can collect rainwater in a rainwater collection barrel and use this water to water your grass. Rainwater is comparatively soft, so it is perfect for watering your grass on the lawn. 


The lawn is an essential thing for those who have it. But, though it adds beauty to your home, it also demands your effort to do the same, especially in dry weather. So, follow the ways mentioned above to support your lawn during hot and dry weather. 

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