In the Event of a Personal Injury Claim, How Long Will It Take to Resolve It?

What if you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit and do not want it to go on for months, if not years? You may question if you can compromise your case quickly, even if it means accepting less money. Yes, but it does not imply it is a wise approach.

If you are in a car accident, you’re undoubtedly asking yourself a million questions. “What is the amount of time it could take to settle the injury claim?” is one of those worries if another’s negligence caused the vehicle accident. The straightforward reality is that no one knows for sure. Each accident is unique, as is the following health of each client.

Each case of personal harm is distinct. As a result, predicting the time required to resolve your injury lawsuit is challenging. Your case will be resolved in one of two ways: by settling with the at-fault party’s insurance company or by a judge or jury verdict. The insurance carrier’s willingness to make a reasonable settlement offer often dictates how long it takes to resolve your case outside of court. Your settlement may take a few weeks or many years.

Why is it taking so long for my injury case to be resolved?

Three main reasons why a personal injury claim may take an extended period to settle are as follows:

  • You must address specific legal or factual issues.
  • If the case is for a substantial amount of money, or
  • You have not arrived at the peak of medical progress.

Once a lawyer is retained, most cases take between a year and five years to finish. The length of a settlement depends on the severity of the injuries, the complexity of the case, the number of damages, the Court’s schedule, the client’s desire to wait for a more favorable result, and the insurance company’s willingness to be fair.

Several of the various factors that may affect the length of a lawsuit include the following:

  • The complexity of the case. It settles more quickly when a patient is simple, such as a rear-end collision in a car accident. In many instances, details and documents are readily accessible and available.
  • Damages sustained. A $1,000 lawsuit is more likely to be resolved quicker than a $1 million case. The more the injury, the less likely the insurance company will pay promptly. In many more significant cases, the insurance company will withhold payment until trial dates and the jury verdict. 
  • The severity of injuries. An injured ankle situation is more likely to be resolved quickly than one requiring brain injury or death. Complex fractures, chronic pain, and severe neurological or mental problems all need more time to heal.
  • Your forbearance should be commendable. If you are in a rush to resolve your issue, it may get resolved quickly. If you are willing to wait for more funds, your case may take longer. Insurance companies often offer low settlements to expedite the resolution of issues, but accepting one too soon may significantly reduce the amount you get.

Well, it does take time for personal injury cases to come to an end. However, if you want the desired outcome without getting your case stretched out for long, then get a lawyer right away. 

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