Indestructible Chew-Proof Dog Beds – Buyer’s Guide

If you have dogs or pets at home, you must know that there is nothing that is chew proof with pups around. It is a general problem with pets that can drive you crazy. Now you must be wondering as to what is the reason behind the chewing problem? There are three answers to this. Firstly, it can be because of separation anxiety, stimulation, or curiosity. It’s time to look for two-proof dog beds that are making a mark upon the pet owners. Selecting a tough bed will help in addressing this problem and resolving the issue. 

Your guide to selecting chew-proof dog beds

There are different areas that you will have to consider while selecting your stuff. Chew-resistant dog beds have become a vital option that will assist you in dealing with the issue. When choosing a decent dog bed for your pup, the first thing that you will have to look into is the fabric. You may look at Titanic ballistic fabrics that are readily available in the market and are the best alternative. 

Some companies will provide you with ripstop fabric, which is the second one. Although the material is known for its durability and strength, it stands second to Titan ballistic fabrics. They come with solid edges that protect your bedding from any attack. Since Titan ballistic fabrics resist initial rip, they will provide you with the best results in the long run. Since they are adamant, they can stop aggressive action and penetration. These materials are waterproof or water-resistant, but they require machine washing.

Hence, these beddings are easy to clean, remain healthy and fresh and provide your dog with a safe and secure space. You can select the best dog bed for chewers

Seams and zipper

Apart from the fabric, the second area to consider is the seam and zipper. The enclosure mechanism stands incredible when it comes to the bed. The seams and zippers are the common areas of attack and breach points. If you look at Titan beds, they are known for their hard seams and zipper along with solid bottom. They have Velcro flaps to protect the zipper, and that gives it the best protection. 

The foam

Last but not least, the foam of the dog bed stands significant when it comes to dog beds. Memory foam has become an ideal alternative for your dogs because it lasts long and retains shape. It is durable and supportive and provides a comfortable space for your dog. Hence, if you go by recommendations, memory foam is the best choice. 

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When you make a note of all these aspects, you can rely on your choice. Do not go for standard dog beds if your pet has a chewing tendency. These days’ orthopedic memory foam beds are also available in the market. These orthopedic dog beds facilitate blood flow and also provide the dog with better joint recovery. Hence, hundreds and thousands of alternatives in the market will suit your budget and provide you with the best quality. 

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