Is Sex Becoming a Thing of the Past?

With a plethora of adult toys, entertainment, and the stigma of sex waning more than ever before, one might think that we’re living in a golden age of sexual exploration. However, according to some research, fewer people are having sex in modern times than in previous decades. While the problem isn’t widespread enough that humanity is in danger, it’s notable and has some researchers worried.

So, we wanted to take a look at the reasons behind this trend and see if we can figure out whether it’s here to stay or it’s just a slight dip before a steady rise. For example, with VR sex within reach, are people going to prefer getting naughty with avatars over the real thing? Here’s what we discovered. 

First, Let’s Break Down the Numbers

Before we look at the reasons why fewer people are having sex, let’s see how dire the situation really is. Also, keep in mind that the numbers seem to be declining in Western countries like the United States and Europe. So, if nothing else, countries outside of this region may be picking up the slack. 

This data comes from a single study from the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior. The study asked about the sex lives of many respondents ranging in ages from 14 to 49, both men and women. 

According to the survey, 28.8 percent of male adolescents reported no sexual activity in 2009. By 2018, that number had risen to 44.2 percent. The increase was even greater in women, as 49.5 percent reported no sexual activity in 2009, and 74 percent reported the same thing in 2018. 

As the surveyors noted, these increases are not an anomaly, nor are they small enough to wave away. There are some significant reasons behind this trend, so it’s crucial to understand why fewer people are knocking boots than ever before. Here are some common answers:

Easier Access to Smut

It’s hard to believe that porn used to be really hard to find. Back in the day, if you wanted to see a woman or man naked, you had to jump through some creative hoops to get a glimpse of a nipple or a butt. All that hard work meant that many people would try to get an up-close look by having sex rather than perving on someone from behind the bushes (metaphorically speaking). 

Now, porn is more available than ever on sites like SexLikeReal. So, people can scratch their hormonal itches from the comfort of their bedroom or apartment. While dating apps and sites have also made it easier to hook up, risks come from that, so it’s easier and safer to do the deed yourself. 

Better Toys and Immersive Environments

Virtual reality is poised to change the game by providing simulated sex that is almost as good as the real thing. That said, if fewer people are popping their proverbial cherries, virtual sex with a Real Doll or something similar may feel good enough because they don’t know what the real thing is like. 

Also, there are plenty of benefits of simulated sex, such as less cleanup, no emotional attachments, and no judgment from either side. Users can explore their sexual fantasies as much as they want without overcoming any hurdles. 

Let’s Not Forget About Overpopulation

Couple having drink at crowded bar

Did you know that there are finally over eight billion people on the planet? That many individuals creates a lot of strain on the environment, so many people are forgoing sex and reproduction. While you can have one without the other, pregnancy is one of those things that’s hard to avoid when you’re banging someone all the time. If you really want to avoid having kids, abstinence is the best solution. 

So, What Does the Future Hold? 

It’s hard to say whether these numbers will continue to rise or whether they’ll even out at these spots. However, no matter what, it’s safe to say that sex has fundamentally changed, and it’s unlikely to go back to the way it was before. 

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