Large Scale Marketing by Using Proxies to Expand Your Reach

Large Scale Marketing by Using Proxies to Expand Your Reach

Residential Proxies as a Marketing Tool

Online marketing options are plentiful, be it massive advert banners or pop-up windows. However, a vital tool that sometimes gets overlooked is proxy accounts. A great majority of websites and social media have measures to ensure that only popular content is shown to larger audiences.

This creates a paradox. How does one grow on a platform where no traffic is directed their way? Simple, by using residential proxies for your social media management to start traffic flow towards your content. Services such as Metrow provide proxies capable of doing precisely that.

Why Would I Need Proxies for Marketing?

Whether you use Instagram or any other social media platform, most have an algorithm to organize content. Usually, this algorithm follows a basic rule of thumb; if content generates interest, keep showing it to visitors. While this is great for already-popular content and creators, this can make it near impossible to generate interest without an existing following. 

Creators would have to rely on the pure chance that such an algorithm would take pity on them and happen to throw their content into the public eye. This is not an ideal marketing strategy. However, with residential proxies, you can start an artificial flow of interest to your content and trick the website’s algorithm into keeping that flow of traffic coming.

How Do I Direct Traffic to My Content?

For websites to assume content is generating traffic, it needs to be attracting the attention of users. Websites track user attention by seeing what content accounts are visiting the most. Thus, if many accounts quickly begin visiting something, that means there is interest in it. The website will prioritize showing that content to visitors, and traffic will be generated. However, since websites determine popularity purely by the traffic of accounts, they can’t tell if each one is unique to a single individual or not. This allows creators to make multiple accounts for the sole purpose of producing artificial traffic. If they send these accounts to their own content, it helps get the ball rolling for the platform to assume there is interest.

Why Can’t I Make These Accounts Without Proxies?

Most websites would rather not have their algorithms be easily tricked and have measures to make it more challenging to generate artificial traffic. One of the primary obstacles is IP tracking. If you create multiple accounts from the same location, the website can tell due to the identical IP address between the accounts. There is no issue with a handful of accounts, as it could just be family members in the same household. However, with dozens or even hundreds, it begins to look suspicious. If the website assumes that these accounts all belong to a single individual with the sole purpose of creating traffic on their own content, the accounts will likely be banned. In some cases, the creator’s actual content can even be put at risk. This is where residential proxies become vital to grow interest in your content.

How Do Residential Proxies Help?

Residential proxies serve as a midway buffer between you and the website you’re accessing. When you are logged into an account and connect directly to the site, it sees your IP address. However, when you log in and connect through the proxy, the website sees the proxy’s IP address. Most services have extensive collections of residential proxies with unique IP addresses to ensure every account appears to be a unique individual to the website. Metrow, for example, has a pool of millions of unique proxies with locations all across the world. This means that no two accounts that visit your content will ever have the same IP, and the site will have no reason to be suspicious when traffic starts to form.

Is It Okay to Use Proxies For Marketing?

While most websites make an effort to stop fake accounts from generating traffic, it is not because this practice is illegal or unethical. Most websites have these measures in place simply to limit the overuse of this practice. They want to keep content that most visitors would not care about from covering the main page. If an overload of fake accounts were causing exciting content to be drowned out in favor of artificial traffic, it would be a problem for the site and the creators. 

However, it is entirely acceptable to use proxies to start traffic on new content. All this does is give new creators a fighting chance to gain public interest and begin forming their following. This way, it isn’t poor practice. It evens out the playing field.


Using a residential proxy makes it possible to drive traffic to your online content, meaning that more potential clients see what you have to offer. By creating an interest in your content through the use of multiple proxies, you can start getting social media platforms such as Instagram to show your content in their feeds, thus increasing your exposure.


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