Let’s Talk About Kratom: The Hot Herb From Asia

For generations together, the natives of Indonesia, Thailand, Borneo, Malaysia, and other such regions of Southeast Asia used fresh kratom leaves to combat pain and boost their energy. The natives lived a hard life. They toiled in the fields the whole day and returned home fatigued and famished. Chewing raw kratom leaves gave them the necessary energy for the evening. It relaxed them and relieved them of body discomfort.

Kratom in America

This fabulous herb has broken the boundaries and traveled far to reach the Western world. People of the United States of America are glad to have this evergreen tropical herb. Kratom in Massachusetts is making waves. Americans have readily accepted this herb, despite it being shrouded in controversy and labeled as a drug by certain skeptic experts.

It’s an herb, not a drug

Kratom is no drug, and users know this well. Until and unless you don’t try this herb, you won’t know its benefits. You would be more prone to believe what the skeptics say.

Just because the herb binds with opioid receptors of the brain – the same receptors that drugs bind to – it does not make kratom a drug. Drugs destroy the body and the mind. On the contrary, kratom enhances cognitive function and relaxes the body without producing any harmful effects.

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Does kratom harm the liver and kidneys?

People who say that kratom is harmful to the liver and kidneys carry only half the information. The herb puts pressure on these vital organs only when you overdose. And this can happen with any herb, even with food. For example, eating too much protein also puts pressure on the liver and kidneys, and so does alcohol.

Kratom is easily broken down by the liver and flushed off by the kidneys when you take it in small doses and go kratom free in between. That’s the best way to use this herb and enjoy its effects to the fullest.

Medicinal herb

Kratom carries medicinal properties. It is an analgesic. It is nootropic and anxiolytic. It produces euphoria and boosts energy. No drug has medicinal properties. Besides, kratom for recovery categories is used to help people manage their arthritis pain to treat insomnia, low energy levels, depression, migraines, and other such malaises. Can any drug help do this? As mentioned earlier, drugs only destroy.

Kratom is an herb. When you make kratom tea or mix kratom powder in your favorite juice, you are using an herbal remedy. Although many users consume kratom for recreation, it still provides benefits.

When is kratom harmful?

Kratom harms when you overdose. Taking more than 10 grams is an overdose, say experts. Many people take upto 15 grams without getting side effects, but you must listen to your body. Each one has a different body composition, digestive abilities, and body size and metabolism.

The safe recommended limit is upto 10 grams. However, experts advise not to reach upto this maximum limit whether you use Red Bali kratom powder or capsules. Keep it to a low dose as much as possible. Kratom works best in low doses.

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