Logitech Mouse Not Working? Here’s the Solution!

Mouse makes an important device to determine the quality of your gaming experience. But yours has stopped working without warning. And you want it back. You want it before you enter your next gaming session.

However frustrating and confusing this situation seems to be, its solution is easy. And no, you don’t have to send your mouse back to the company to get fixed.

Here are five quick fixes logitech mouse not working that solve the problem for different Logitech mice including model numbers M185, M325, M510, M570, and M705.

So, let’s start:

Check the Power Switch

It may seem stupid but oftentimes the mouse problems arise because we accidentally switch off the power button. Starting with this check will save you minutes of other experiments.

If you don’t know where your mouse’s power switch is, look at its back or bottom.

Restart the Mouse

If the Logitech mouse stops working randomly, the reason can be a sudden loss of connection between the mouse and computer. The best method to re-establish this connection is resetting the mouse.

You can reset the mouse by removing the unifying device as well as batteries for a few seconds. Five seconds should suffice before you can re-insert these devices and batteries into the mouse.

Change the Mouse Pad

Not all surfaces are suitable for mice. If you are using wood as a mouse pad – especially, if you are placing it on your desk directly – you may not get the best performance from your mouse. Try using a proper mouse pad. Or test with other materials available in your gaming room.

Test the USB Slots

Just like surfaces for mice, not every USB slot is built to take a mouse. At the same time, some might have started malfunctioning.

One great option is to check if your mouse works on any other USB slot on your computer.

For PCs, the best USB slots for a mouse are present at the backside. For laptops, these slots exist on both sides of the device. Check each one of them to get the best performance.

Work on the Drivers

When you connected your mouse to the computer, Windows installed the driver automatically. But mouse drivers often go awry without prior notice.

You can get these drivers properly working by uninstalling and then re-installing them.

Assuming your mouse is not working at all, you can use the following keyboard commands for uninstallation and re-installation of these drivers.

Open the run box using Win + R command.

Press Enter after typing devmgmt.msc to open Device Manager.

Using the Tab key, get to the device list. Then, use navigation keys to reach Mice and other pointing devices. Expand the category using Alt + Right arrow key command.

Once you have reached the Logitech Mouse option, open the context box with Shift + F10 command.

Select the uninstall option.

After that, restart your computer. Upon restart, Windows  will automatically reinstall the drivers.

Update the Driver

It’s not unusual for Logitech to update its drivers occasionally. So, if your driver has suddenly stopped working, it might indicate that a newer, more robust driver update is available for your computer to install.

Use the same process as we have detailed above up until the fourth step. Next, select the Update Driver Software option.

From the ensuing dialog box, you have to select Search automatically for updated driver software and let the Windows take care of searching and installation.

Update the Driver Manually

At times, Windows may fail to update the driver automatically is also a problem logitech mouse not working. In those instances, you have to do it manually. Here are the steps to carry out manual upgrade:

Visit Logitech’s website. Search the relevant driver for your computer. Then, save it to your computer.

Next, take the first four steps as detailed under the Work on the Driver heading.

Select the ‘Update Driver Software’ option.

From the resulting dialogue box, select ‘Browse my computer for driver software’ and get to the right driver to install it.

If the mouse is still not working, reset it again by taking out its batteries and check again after restarting it.

Wrap Up

Here were a few tricks to get your mouse working again. Some mice may respond to the first tricks while others may require a manual update for drivers. If your mouse still doesn’t work then you can go for an online click test tool to check your mouse.

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