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Mathematics is one of the most popular subjects, but math is also the number one tutoring subject. Whether geometry, percentage calculation, stochastics, essay helper, etc. Mathematics is omnipresent both in everyday life and later in professional life and is classified as an integral part of general education. If you have gaps in school, you will have difficulties later, because mathematics has to be learned – there is no way around it. Basic mathematical knowledge is also a prerequisite for many degree programs, such as electrical engineering, architecture or engineering. Hiring an A-Level Maths Tutors can make your study life ahead easier.

Does your child need tutoring in mathematics?

Our committed and qualified mathematics tutors support your child where it needs help. In the foreground of the math tutoring at the StudyMind are both the intensive and individual support and support as well as the optimal preparation for a mathematical exam. Our goal is for your child to have fun with math again and, thanks to targeted tutoring, will soon be able to get good grades home without outside help.

Let your local study group advise you free of charge and without obligation as to whether tutoring in mathematics makes sense for your son or daughter. You are welcome to test our math tutoring in free trial lessons.

Math in different grades

Math in different grades

Mathematics plays a central role as a compulsory subject in schools, because this is where the foundation for understanding numbers and formulas is laid, which is of great importance for later life. However, not every student develops this understanding at the same speed and does not meet the mathematical requirements in the different grades. Here it is important to recognize early on which mathematical requirements are causing difficulties in order to counteract problems with math tutoring.

As a StudyMind customer, your child will have free access to numerous math exercises and task sheets in our online learning library.

Mathematics lesson in elementary school

Mathematics lessons in elementary schools build on the children’s early everyday experiences. Through a playful approach, the children develop a basic feeling for numbers and orders of magnitude. With the help of the four basic arithmetic operations addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, the students are prepared for the demands of everyday life and for math classes at secondary schools.

In addition to understanding these basic arithmetic operations, repetition and practice are essential for learning success. Whether individually at home or in small groups – according to the motto “practice makes perfect”, professional tutoring helps to support your child individually and to deepen what has been learned in the long term. The tutoring also strengthens the children’s self-confidence with numbers.

Mathematics teaching in secondary schools

Mathematics lessons at secondary schools seamlessly connect to the content from elementary school. In the process, especially in the younger grades, the students’ knowledge of mathematics is deepened, systematized and expanded. This knowledge includes, among other things, the further development of geometric ideas, dealing with and calculating with whole and rational numbers, calculating with negative numbers and understanding mathematics in everyday life.

In the older grades, especially at high school, the students deal with more complex mathematical tasks and issues. One focus here is on probability calculus, another on understanding functions and their derivation rules. In addition, the students learn to use electronic aids such as a pocket calculator to solve mathematical problems appropriately.

In order to support the learning process and to close gaps, individual tutoring is available in addition to independent learning at home. Mathematics is not only an integral part of everyday life, but also in professional life and in many courses, an understanding of mathematics is required. Consolidating knowledge and taking countermeasures at an early stage in the event of problems in mathematics lessons are important building blocks to make the students fit for later requirements in training and work.

Mathematics assignments and exercises

Mathematics assignments and exercises

Tasks, exercises with solutions and learning videos:

Whether basic arithmetic, geometry or functions – repeat or deepen certain mathematical facts together with your child with the help of our online learning library. Here you will find a large number of exercises with solutions as well as in-depth learning videos for math tutoring.

Use our extensive collection of links for the subject of math and find useful subject-related websites that will make math tutoring and everyday learning easier for you and your child.

Learning Tips: Learning Made Easy:

Not every student learns in the same way. Some children find it easier than others. We have put together the most important learning tips and strategies for you, so that learning is not only easier, but also fun.

Tutoring check in 3 minutes:

Use our free online tutoring check now and find out whether your child just learned badly for the last class test in math or whether it really needs tutoring in math.

Can I test the math tutoring at StudyMind for free?

Yes! You can test our math tutoring for free in trial lessons on site. Simply contact your nearest study group on site and let us advise you without obligation and arrange trial lessons. So you can form your own impression of us and decide in peace.

Does the StudyMind Math also offer private tutoring?

There are usually 3-5 students in a group in stationary math lessons, often only 2-3 students during the corona pandemic in order to comply with the distance rule of 1.5 meters. Alternatively, online lessons in an online group are also possible. Of course, we comply with the applicable hygiene regulations on site.

The StudyMind also offers one-to-one tuition – private math tutoring – for special requirements. Just contact us and let us advise you.

As an educator, you want to make sure your students are getting the best education possible. But how can you achieve this without Professional Development for K-12 Educators? Contact us today!

What are the costs for math tutoring at the StudyMind?

The math tutoring costs vary by location – from $12. You can get an exact price from our study groups on site. We advise you free of charge. You can also test us at any time in trial lessons.

What qualifications do the math tutors at StudyMind have?

Students learn more easily in a relaxed atmosphere. The relationship between tutor and student is crucial for a pleasant learning environment. That is why we attach particular importance to the selection of our math teachers and check their qualifications very carefully.

All math tutoring teachers at StudyMind are additionally qualified to use the StudyMind learning concept. With this together with Professor Dr. EikoYoungs(Bielefeld University), we ensure that our teachers are very familiar with the requirements of private tuition and the individual support of students.

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