Mcafee Antivirus Setup – All You Need to Know

McAfee antivirus setup, McAfee Corporation earlier known as McAfee Associates is an American computer security software company based in Santa Clara, California. It is a joint venture between Intel and TPG capital in which Intel has a 49% stake. However the company was founded in 1987 by John McAfee.

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Earlier the company only offered Antivirus software to its clients but gradually it diversified to ringing its own network and encryption technologies. It also developed some more product lines like:

– Firewall- barrier between trusted and untrusted network
– File encryption- protect unauthorized access to digital information
– Public key infrastructure- secure electronic transfer of information

The company provides you the option of purchasing the McAfee Anti-virus retail cardand then you have to Activate McAfee through Retail Card so you don’t have to go through complex process of installation and setup.


1.) You have to purchase McAfee Anti-virus retail card from any nearby store or outlet. There will be a 25 digit activation code on its back. You need to have that code handy while activating the subscription.

Mcafee antivirus card

2.) Now open the and type the activation code in the box.

3.) Next step is the email registration process. The website will ask you to sign up on McAfee website and you need to enter your email address.

4.) Create a password and agree to all the terms and conditions and click on I Agree.

5.) Next it will provide you the link to install the software on the PC. Click on that link. The next screen will show the license agreement, read the agreement and click on I Agree.

6.) Click download button and choose the location where you want to save the application.


McAfee is a software which apart from providing virus protection also enhances the system performance. The applications present in the system are evaluated and also the new applications downloaded are checked so that any malware does not enter your device and it can run smoothly.

1.) After downloading the application, open it from the location where you saved it. Click on INSTALL.

2.) It will perform a system check which includes:

– Application check
– Device check
– Software check

3.) After all the checks are completed, it will start the process of installation on your system.

4.) The process of installation is completed after the downloading part and you are good to go. In case of any extra help you can contact the customer support.


1.) Head on to the website of McAfee to login into your account.

2.) You will see My account option, click that.

3.) There must be 2 options, one to sign up and other to sign in. if you have changed the device and want to setup this software on new device than you can click on sign in option.

4.) Enter the details of your account, click on forgot password and reset the password if you don’t remember it.

5.) They will verify your account if the subscription is still active. Complete with these steps and your subscription will show up on the new device.

McAfee subscription activation through CD:

McAfee subscription activation through CD

1.) Visit a local nearby store and purchase a CD, but make sure it has the latest updated version of information.

2.) If you do not have an activation code, don’t worry you can redeem it from the website. Just register to the website and all the details will be sent to you via email address.

3.) Now insert the CD into your computer and download all the necessary files to your device.

4.) Run the setup file and allow all the permissions and tick all the license agreements.

5.) Follow all the onscreen instructions and click on install button. After installation reboot your system.

McAfee subscription on mobile

McAfee subscription on mobile

1.) Login to your account and head on to subscriptions tab and click on add device.

2.) Choose mobile phone option and obtain the link on mobile through email.

3.) Download the McAfee app from the play store and open it. Input the activation code in the application you received on the email.

4.) Allow all the permissions and follow the further instructions.

5.) You will be done after clicking the activate button.

How to renew the McAfee subscription

Go to the website and open ‘my account’ option. You will see your active or previous plans. Choose the plan and proceed towards making the payment.
After making the payment your subscription will be renewed and will become active on the spot.


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