Mobile Vr Headsets: What Are Your Best Options?

Virtual reality is becoming more democratic. The helmets are no longer necessarily autonomous. Some can now receive your smartphone. Below are our tips for choosing the best virtual reality headset for your phone.

Tip 1: The right dimensions

You need to know that virtual reality headsets for phones are adjustable, but they still have some compatibilities to respect. Before buying your headset, you should first make sure that it is suitable for your type of device (virtual reality headset for Android, iPhone, Samsung, etc.). That said, brand compatibility is generally quite extensive, with the exception of headsets designed by the brands themselves. The dimensions of your screen should also be taken into account: expressed in inches, the diagonal can be a second compatibility criterion.

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Among the most versatile virtual reality headsets, we find the one from Hamswan. These virtual reality glasses can accommodate an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC device, Nokia… This reality headset is even compatible with Motorola and Google Nexus. And then, it is also a reality headset for phone inexpensive. Accessible at a small price, the accessory can thus receive an impressive amount of brands, whose screens range from 4 to 6 inches. Perfect for an immersion without breaking the bank!

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Tip 2: it must be adapted to your uses

The first sector of virtual reality is undoubtedly the video game. But this is not the only field of application of VR. In the cinema and audiovisual sector in general, these headsets are also widely used. In fact, headsets for phones are more often sought after for audiovisuals: they allow you to watch your favorite movies in 360°. As the scene unfolds, the viewer can look around, which brings an extraordinary immersion. But for this, it is important to choose a headset made for what you are planning.


One of the devices keeping a good versatility is the one from BNext. The beauty of this virtual reality headset for phone is that it is comfortable. With its adjustable strap, it lends itself perfectly to long-term use. Compatible with a multitude of devices, this virtual reality headset is suitable for iPhone, Samsung, Android devices, but also Motorola, Huawei, HTC, Google Nexus… In a word, it is an accessory to choose without hesitation for an immersive audiovisual experience.

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Tip #3: Significant autonomy

For your virtual reality headset for phone, you will have two solutions: either your headset has its own battery, or the smartphone will provide the necessary energy. Each has its advantages, although headsets that rely solely on the power of the smartphone are much more common. In any case, always take the time to make sure your virtual reality headset has a long battery life: it would be a shame to interrupt your movie!


One of the advantages of choosing a VR headset without a battery is that it is cheaper overall. The Salcar brand shows this with its model available at an unbeatable price. Compatible with iPhone and Samsung devices, it is perfect for video games and movies. Fully adjustable, it respects the high resolution of your phone and offers an impeccable immersion. All you have to do is place your smartphone on it, and you’re ready to enjoy many hours of immersion!


Virtual reality headsets for phones allow new multimedia experiences, going ever further in immersion. Note that virtual reality headsets can also connect to your computer. Its power and its characteristics are thus to be taken into account during your choice.

What you need to know about a virtual reality headset for phone:

What movies can I watch with these VR headsets and what games can I play?

This is very important information: only VR compatible games and movies can be used with virtual reality headsets. So you won’t be able to watch just any movie or play just any game. Take the time to learn about your favorite titles.

Which VR headset to choose for a child?

The vast majority of virtual reality headsets for phones are adjustable. If you are looking for a virtual reality phone headset for a child, you need to find out the minimum length of the straps. Will they be tight enough for your child? There are also headsets specifically for children. But be aware that these are limited in terms of power and content: often, they have an educational vocation.

Finally, should you prefer phone-based headsets or standalone VR headsets?

Standalone headsets have an integrated screen, and many other components. They are therefore much more expensive. On the other hand, they have a long battery life, often a better image resolution and can accommodate an ever-increasing amount of games and movies. In the end, they are to be preferred if you don’t want to depend on your phone, or if you intend to play games very regularly.

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