Nandme: Solve the Problem of Water Entering the Electric Toothbrush That Users Complained About

Many people who buy electric toothbrushes are only concerned about the cleaning power, the duration, the price of the replacement brush head, and other issues. But in fact, water resistance is also the most worrying. We search through the e-commerce platform comments, we can see the big brands frequently get water damage problems.

The penetration of water is a big problem in the use of electric toothbrushes Although many electric toothbrushes are labeled as washable and waterproof, most of them are not well done. Electric toothbrushes are basically used in the bathroom, where there is a lot of water vapor. And when brushing teeth, toothpaste and mouthwash will be stained in the electric toothbrush body, and need to be cleaned from time to time. There are also many people prefer to brush their teeth in the shower, which means that it will exposure to water for a long time. So water washing and waterproofing are the rigid demand for electric toothbrushes.

Hazards of electric toothbrushes after water intake: damage and scrap (or shorten the service life); moldy rubber handles and mold spots, which not only affect the appearance but also spread mold, which is not good for oral health; explosion (the probability is very small. Although many experts say, Electric toothbrushes generally do not explode when water enters, you can still see some photos after the explosion from different platforms)
  Therefore, the problem of water ingress is related to personal safety. When purchasing an electric toothbrush, you need to be extra careful.


New technology of high precision water ingress prevention

Rotary electric toothbrushes require the motor to mechanically drive the brush head to rotate, and it is impossible to seal the rotor, so they cannot be 100% sealed and waterproof. Sonic electric toothbrushes are inherently more waterproof than rotary electric toothbrushes from a design perspective. To solve the problem of poor waterproofing of electric toothbrush products, Nandme Sonic Toothbrush has done a lot of R&D and technical innovation in terms of design, materials, and molds to substantially improve the waterproofing of electric toothbrushes and curb the danger of water ingress.

  1. Design

Nandme sonic toothbrush is developed with sonic vibration type, it uses high-quality electric toothbrush waterproof breathable film, which is very good to achieve internal and external pressure balance and can be very breathable. This electric toothbrush is set up to discharge the heat generated by the battery and motor (motor) as well as the circuit board in the operating state. As the electric toothbrush works for a long time in a sealed state (integral seal), the internal pressure may rise or fluctuate, making it possible for the seal to fail and for water (including water vapor) to enter the electric toothbrush.

  1. Material


In many traditional designs, designers like to use rubber material attached to the body in order to prevent hand slippage, growth body cushioning, so that it is not easy to damage when dropped. But the biggest drawback of rubber material is easy to mold.

In order to improve the safety and waterproof level, the latest electric toothbrushes begin to be wrapped with ABS safety material on the outside, which is not only waterproof and anti-corrosion, but also completely metal-free and more secure. Take Nandme as an example, the surface of the fuselage is deliberately added with a skin coating in unique patented technology and scrubbed. Coupled with the ergonomic design, it feels delicate, soft, and  waterproof. At the same time, it prevents the toothbrush from slipping and being damaged by falling, resulting in cracks and water leakage.

  1. Mold (manufacturing)

Good electric toothbrushes are pursuing excellence, precise docking, no gaps, so water has nowhere to penetrate. Therefore, mold is crucial. Nandme has always been the most professional precision quality manufacturer in the industry in terms of investment in product mold manufacturing. The cost of a single set of Nandme electric toothbrush molds is 2-3 times higher than similar manufacturers. In terms of error precision, Nandme molds are 5 times more precise than their counterparts, and Nandme’s most precise molds are up to 1 silk (10 microns) precision. The molds, which cost millions of dollars more to make each time, effectively guarantee the tightness of the fit between Nandme electric toothbrush parts. The fit is perfect.

Nandme electric toothbrush has a high waterproof standard – IPX7 rating. So the toothbrush can be placed underwater at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes without water ingress or damage. The Nandme electric toothbrush is safer and can clean more thoroughly than other toothbrushes, and there is no risk of electrical leakage.

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