Patient Verification Solutions – Addressing Gaps in Healthcare Sector

With the increase in patients and crimes, the healthcare sector is handling a vast number of data as compared to previous years. Moreover, with rapid digitization, it has become necessary to automate the data storing and handling process. This shift is giving space to fraudsters to reap illicit medical benefits. For instance, false insurance claims, identity breaches, prescription frauds, and various others.


This is why the healthcare sector is in need of robust patient verification solutions which not only authenticate information but also guard the databases. With its state-of-the-art tools, AI-powered patient identity verification solutions help medicare providers in numerous ways, from onboarding legit patients to safeguarding and maintaining records. The blog sheds light on how digital know your patient services assist the healthcare sector. 

Benefits of Online Patient Identity Verification for the Healthcare Sector  

Since technological advancements are changing the way industries operate, the healthcare sector is also undergoing several changes. To address patients’ concerns while securing their health, medicare providers are bringing in virtual assistance. Patients can see a doctor while staying at their homes, order medicine online, and save on extra costs they pay for visits. However, with all these advancements come greater challenges. This is why patient verification solutions are a must-have for medicare centers. 


To assist legit patients, the healthcare sector needs to incorporate efficient mechanisms. The AI-powered know your patient solutions not only validate information but also keep the records updated for future use. Similarly, they also provide access to global medical databases that further ensure authenticity and assistance to the right patients. More of the benefits are discussed next:

Data Privacy and Security

Medicare centers lacking effective identifying patient mechanisms are more likely to encounter external breaches. Criminals illegitimately access medical records, steal information, and use it for their personal gains. Similarly, patients travel from one region to another for better treatment, this also increases the changes in data vulnerability. In order to overcome them, the healthcare sector needs to employ patient verification services. 


The AI-powered solutions not only verify them in real-time but also keep their data safe from breaches. Furthermore, they provide updated record keeping that helps global medicare providers minimize the chances of misdiagnosis or adverse scenarios from happening.

Monitoring and Tracking Patients 

Monitoring and tracking are other advantages of online know your patient solutions. Medicare providers can transform the ways in which they deliver medical assistance. For instance, advancements like EHR and telehealth are shaping the way the healthcare sector functions. 


Fraudsters and minors use advanced methods to reap benefits and deprive legit patients of their rights. By using stolen or fake information, they can easily book an appointment. In the case of minors, they use their elders’ information and purchase age-restricted drugs from online stores. 


Therefore, healthcare providers require both patient age verification and identity validation mechanisms to restrict fraudsters’ access. This way they can also protect minors. The AI-powered services verify patient identity and track their activities to update global databases that further minimize the chances of fraudulent activities. 

Reduction in Physical Visits

The advent of telehealth and digital medical assistance is changing the ways the healthcare sector was used to function. Virtual visits are reducing the need for physically going to the hospitals. Similarly, drug e-stores are easing the purchase of medicines. However, fraudsters use the identity and payment information of legit patients to avail treatments as well as buy drugs. 


This is why medical care providers require robust patient verification solutions to identify fraudsters at the time of onboarding. Ultimately, health centers can better assist legit patients while providing them with advanced benefits.

Effective Communication

The online know your patient solutions also help healthcare providers to build effective communication. They store updated information that is further used to notify patients regarding their visits, treatments, or perks. 


These patient identity verification services not only facilitate communication but also ensure the real-time exchange of information. Furthermore, with efficient patient verification tools, AI-driven solutions also validate identity prior to treatment. 

Streamlined Administrative Operations

With rapid digitization, the administrative staff is seen facing a hassle. This involves shortfalls like difficulty in understanding patients’ conditions. While handling big data, they misinterpret and misallocate treatments. This calls for automated patient verification and onboarding mechanisms. 


The technologically advanced services not only identify conditions but also help staff to transfer patients to the right doctors. Furthermore, online ID verification for pharmacies and hospitals streamlines the identification process by accessing global records. This way, administrative staff will have less hassle to deal with.

In the End

Where the healthcare sector is bringing innovations it is also facing backlashes such as illegitimate patient onboarding and data breaches. This is why securing the medicare industry has become a global concern. Therefore, they need to integrate efficient patient verification solutions to validate identities as well as ensure data security. With its technologically advanced services, the AI-powered know your patient solutions safeguard the healthcare sector from fraudulent attempts. 

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