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Planner Apps for Students, Students should have a plan so that they remain organized and on the right track. You have to organize your classwork, assignments, and exams. Technology has made things more accessible because they are apps that can help you with absolutely everything. If planning is a challenge to you, some apps can assist you with that.

Planner Apps for Students, Before selecting a planner app, you have to dig deep and ensure that it has all the necessary features. If you choose an app without knowing how it functions, it might confuse you and make life more complicated. You have to go with an app that will make your life better and motivate you to push harder. The app should have a purpose; if it doesn’t, it is not the right one.¬†will help you get a convenient planner app that will not disappoint you.

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It is an app that plays two roles. It can act as a project planner or to-do list. It is used by colossal enterprise amazon. It was made for different people starting from learners to executives. It is an app you can use both in school and at work. Since you are a student, you can enjoy the free version. If you have money and can pay a small fee, you can upgrade and enjoy more features. Todoist has features that will assist you to;

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– Write down vital information or anything you want to do
– Setting up projects four different activities or classes
– Add what you want to do next
– Checking items from your list and you will not get to lose them at all

It also has reminders that will remind you whenever you have time to complete. You can customize it and can get a notification if you want. You get a chance to label your tasks. If it is an important task, you will know how to label it, but if it is not, you will too.

Microsoft To Do

It is a perfect app that assists students in planning themselves in the best way possible. It has an outstanding feature that has things you did not complete the previous day. You get a chance to transfer them to My day to plan accordingly for those that will not fit in that day’s schedule.

It gives you a chance to sort tasks according to how you set them. It has other features that will impress you. It has a dark mode that gives you an easy time reviewing your staff. You can check your phone peacefully before you go to bed. You get an opportunity of changing the background of every list however you want. It has numerous outstanding designs.


It is perfect when you have group projects. Most students have to deal with projects now and then. You have to meet with your group members most of the time to work on the project. Calendly makes your work easier because you get a chance to schedule and manage the meetings. If you want it to operate correctly, you have to connect it with the digital calendar. Ensure that you make a meeting request and do not forget about setting the parameters.

You get to choose the recipients then send. It will come up with responses from your group members, and you will set the meeting without wasting time. You will save yourself from sending long text messages to each individual. It allows you to set reminders both for yourself and other members. If other members are not available, it will show you an appropriate time that works correctly for each individual.

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It is among the top planner apps that students consider. You have to input your class schedule, contact details, name of the professor, and do not forget the office hours. You get an opportunity to color-code your sessions so that you can see them clearly and make them fascinating. Week view makes life better because it gives you a chance to plan your time and prepare for the upcoming week. Day view shows your day’s schedule and has everything you have to do on that particular day. For every session you attend, you can include your assignments together with their due dates.

Students tend to forget about assignments and remember at the last minute. It is life-saving because it will remind you of the assignments and due dates. If you have money, you can upgrade and enjoy more features. If you upgrade, it will remind you of your GPA. After you submit your assignment and it gets upgraded, ensure that you enter whatever you have got there, and it will do the calculations for you. It stores every detail from one semester to the other. An app that reminds you of your GPA will make you stay focused and work harder. It is an app that you should not miss.


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