Poker tournaments with the biggest prizes and best scale in the world

Poker has long ceased to be a mere entertainment game, many players have been able to get rich from this game and its popularity is spreading all over the world. For this reason, poker is invested in organizing different large and small tournaments to find the best players to receive huge prizes. This is an opportunity for all poker lovers and professional poker players to show their abilities and find worthy opponents. If you also want to participate in these big tournaments once, start by practicing and gaining experience at reputable poker sites like Ignition Casino & Poker. Here are the most famous poker tournaments in the world not only because of the size and level of communication but also because of the huge prize value that makes everyone crave for once.

WSOP – World Series of Poker


The big tournaments are always favored to be held in the US – this is considered a dim land of the gambling industry. WSOP is a name that no one in the gambling world does not know. This is the most prestigious and prestigious annual tournament in American history, not only that, it is also the most desirable destination for gamblers around the planet because only the best can set foot. to Las Vegas – the most luxurious gambling city where this tournament takes place. This tournament consumes a lot of media coverage around the world and is a gathering place for the best poker players regardless of age and status. The types of poker held at are all types of poker that are too familiar to players such as Por Limit, Housse, and Draw, … The prize is always the word that is repeated the most if you interview anyone who comes to this tournament, because it is a huge number of millions of dollars, and is the dream of all the most professional players. 

WPT – World Poker Tour

The World Poker Tour is probably second only to the WSOP brother in terms of popularity. When it first started, this tournament was somewhat inferior compared to other tournaments and was not noticed by the press, so it struggled to rise from the very beginning in 2002. But gradually, with its prestige and professional organization, it attracted the media and became one of the most anticipated tournaments on the planet. This is a tournament that is watched attentively by gambling fans across the United States on screens because television stations broadcast live from beginning to end of the tournament. It is also the darling of the television world when it brings a huge number of views every year. According to the statistics of WPT awards, the largest number is now up to 4 million US dollars.

WCOOP – World Championship of Online Poker 

The World Championship of Online Poker is a tournament that gathers as many talented players as the two tournaments above. But one thing that is very interesting is that the venue for this tournament is not fixed. With the big Pokerstars backing, this tournament is held grandly every year and always receives great support from a large number of gambling lovers. To create the best conditions for players across the continent, the tournament takes place on television and online internet platforms, players can participate remotely and receive prizes like any other. Not only that, the prize of this tournament is a diamond bracelet and millions of dollars in cash, too attractive, right?

Big tournaments are always an opportunity to make dreams come true, if you are a professional gambler and are serious about making money in this industry, try to hone yourself, one day for sure You will have the opportunity to compete in those tournaments. 


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