Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up, Graphics, and Storing Retractable Banners

First things first, retractable banners are some of the most popular banners in the business circuit. Their stands are a common feature in banner display stands. You need to know that the word “retract” underlines the retracting mechanism that defines the banner stands.

  • You’ll find that retractable banners work by rolling up the banner graphics into the middle. You can also call it housing. You perform this process with a tensioner or mechanical spring for pulling the graphics on the roller. This is important before you store the same in the base.
  • As you stretch the banner upwards, its tension will increase, reaching to the maximum point when you open the banner completely.
  • You can find the exact reverse mechanism when you retract the banner fabric back to the concerned housing. It means that the banner’s graphics integrates the least load of tension when the object is in its down position.
  • Do note that if you display a retractable for extended periods, it may cause depletion in the springs that creates all the tension.

The installation process

There’s no denying that retractable banners are fantastic trade show essentials. They are inexpensive and you can easily set them up and disassemble them. The transportation is a breeze and you also use one or install four to five stands for a beautiful back wall display.

  • To set up your retractable banner, which comes with numerous pieces, you need to follow a few basics.
  • You affix the graphics on the base, which retracts when you transport or store the stand.
  • The top bar will hold the graphic’s top. The pole will hold it upright.
  • Most retractable stands showcase a series of methods for holding your fonts and color scheme in place.
  • The common mechanism is called clamping. You can also use a double-sided or Velcro tape for that matter.
  • If you’re a beginner, safety glasses are very important. If you’re doing it alone, you can get a clamp for holding the top piece or base.
  • You need the clamp or another person in the mix because while applying a new graphic, the base’s tension can create a few problems.
  • If the stand starts retracting before the graphic affixation is over, it can roll up or spin the graphics in the most incorrect manner.

Worse yet, it can roll or spin without any graphics, implying that you’ll have to take out the base and reset the entire tension. That’s cumbersome indeed.

Storing your vinyl banners

Make sure you’re storing your banner in the poly tube bag and box that come with your retractable banner package. While storing the banner, make sure it’s clean and fully dry.

If the vinyl banner is dirty and necessitates cleaning, you need to clean it with a mild soap and water. Don’t use non-solvent powder or detergents. While storing the banner, roll it up and insert it inside the poly bag. Place it inside the dedicated box.

Experts recommend you to not fold vinyl banners as folding the material will crate crease marks. These marks are permanent.

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