4 Shopping Festivals You Must Know

If you want to know about promotions for electronic products in China’s e-commerce market, the first thing you should learn about is online shopping festivals. You’ve probably heard of Alibaba’s hugely successful Double 11 Shopping Festival, which is twice as big as Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. But shopping carnivals in China don’t stop there. To attract customers and promote sales, an increasing number of e-commerce companies have developed their festivals.

A look at China’s biggest e-commerce festivals can help you obtain the best deals on electronics and gadgets, so read on!

  • Cyber Monday

A marketing term referred to the first Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. To encourage individuals to shop on the internet., businesses organized a 24-hour online shopping event known as Cyber Monday, which has since become an extension of Black Friday sales.

Cyber Monday

  • Red Friday (Black Friday)

A popular term for the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States has become “Black Friday.” When it comes to holiday shopping, Black Friday marks the beginning. This year’s Black Friday sales are generally seen as a barometer for the state of the economy. Economists use it as a means to gauge public confidence in the economy. Black Friday isn’t just a tradition in the United States. Chinese customers also take advantage of the occasion to purchase reduced international products.

Red Friday

  • Christmas (Dec 14th-25th)

Many places in China’s major cities are decked out for Christmas, beginning in the middle of December. Online Christmas sales are a big deal for Chinese sellers, even if they aren’t excited about the holiday itself.


  • The Double 12 Shopping Festival

Double 12, commonly known as Couples Day, is China’s third most important promotional holiday. This year’s celebration has been termed China’s “Black Friday” because of the huge discounts and great marketing expected from retailers on December 12. Many sellers will carry out promotional activities at this time, such as huawei 1212 sales,  shop for contact lenses at designer optics ,etc.

The Double 12 Shopping Festival

About 1212 sale: Everything you need to know (Double 12)

(12.12) Single’s Day and Black Friday in Southeast Asia are celebrated today. You could be erroneous to think that the November shopping frenzy is over, even though back-to-back events took place in the month. As a buyer, you’ve just had the entree; now it’s time to try the dessert.

South Asia’s most popular online shopping events. So if you have some things such as electronic products or other items want to buy, then its time to check out those China Brands’ official websites.

Do You Want to Know Some Interesting Statistics and Facts About the 12.12 Sale?

  • There is a 4-5-fold spike in web traffic on online shopping websites as opposed to regular days. This demonstrates the zeal of buyers to purchase on Double 12th sales
  • A new order was placed every two seconds during last year’s ‘1212 sale extravaganza’. This statistic, in my opinion, adequately illustrates the enormous upside that can be realized in a short period.
  • Over a single day last year, 18,000 orders were placed, costing an estimated $125 per individual. That’s about 92 dollars in American money.
  • Late at night is the best time to shop on December 12. There is enough time for the customers to begin shopping. The most sales were made between 21:00 and 22:00 in the Asia Pacific area, such as Malaysia.

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