7 Signs That You Have a Gambling Addiction

Online gambling has become particularly popular over the last year. Lockdowns and telecommuting have become the norm of modern life around the world. So in search of entertainment, many have discovered the world of online gambling. Some have even managed to turn entertainment into an additional source of income.

But gambling can be addictive. And among the players are sure to find those for whom gambling has become an obsession. Today, even invented a special term – addiction. Find out if you or your loved ones suffer from this kind of addiction.

How To Recognize In Yourself A Gambling Addiction?

Sign 1. Mood swings

Most often become addicted to cheating people who have set themselves as a goal – to win and earn money from the casino. But one hundred percent winnings is impossible. Even regular players are well aware of this, are aware and control the budgets on which they play. They knowingly reduce the risks of loss and only look for trustworthy non gamstop casinos. Whereas gambling addicts are willing to play on all the sites in a row. Not having understood the rules of the platform, such players often end up in illegal casinos. Therefore, losses and problems with withdrawal become a norm for them. Hence frequent snapping at other people and unexplained aggression.

Sign 2. Gambling is all they take pleasure in

Gambling addiction always evolves. At first, the player is in search of platforms and is very happy if he finds a non uk licence casino. Then one site is not enough – a chaotic search for new resources begins and pgslot. At this time, the first winnings can lift your spirits, but you quickly get used to them. Gradually, a person with an addiction develops a special state: he or she feels really happy and joyful only when playing. Between visits to gambling sites, the person is only in a despondent and apathetic mood.

Sign 3. Change of regime

A person with a gambling addiction is always more comfortable playing at night. This is a special atmosphere where there is an opportunity to seclude oneself and fully immerse oneself in the game process. There are no loved ones around, no chores and responsibilities, no distracting phone calls. Most gambling addicts switch to a night-time lifestyle.

Sign 4. Financial instability

An addicted person finds it difficult to find a balance in the game. He starts to deposit more and more money into the account because he increases the bets to the maximum. Money goes out very quickly and the first problems begin. You run yourself into debt. Soberly assess your financial situation – what led to a constant shortage of money? Recognize addomaniac in themselves or their relatives, friends can be on these typical manifestations:

  • You have started borrowing money often from friends, colleagues.
  • You try to take out a loan only for the purpose of obtaining money (and not to buy a car, a holiday, repairs).
  • You no longer have enough money in your paycheck.
  • You have begun to sell your technology and other valuables cheaply.

Sign 5. Pathological lying

When you are short of money and you have already borrowed money from everyone you know, it becomes even tighter. You will never get back most of your debts. A situation arises when your relatives no longer trust you and refuse to lend money again. The addicted gambler has to make up entire stories in the hope of getting money out of pity in order to get the next sum. No one has caught you in an outright lie yet and not many people close to you know about your gambling addiction.

What stories are often told by people with a gambling addiction:

  • Asking for money for treatment for a serious illness.
  • Lying about illness or even death of loved ones.
  • Stories of emergencies that require emergency assistance (flooded house, car accident, stolen bank card).
  • Stories about home burglaries.
  • Allegedly being victimised by fraudsters and now needing to cover a debt.

Sign 6. Asociality

Gambling becomes a separate world for a person with an addiction. And this, of course, is different from reality. That’s why gamblers with addiction begin to show social distance. At first there is no time to meet with friends, because you always want to finish quickly and go home to gamble. Then they don’t even manage to talk on the phone. Communication becomes minimal and boils down to one or two people in your immediate environment.

Have you noticed that you become annoyed by any conversations with family members? Do you have no time for them at all? This is a sure sign that the virtual world is already much more important to you than the environment.

Sign 7. No time count.

Did you know that in casinos there are always no windows and no clock? There, players lose track of time and easily spend entire nights at the slots or card tables. For the person who visits online casino sites, time also ceases to exist. If you’ve planned to play for 1 hour, but the whole evening flies by unnoticed, you’re too engrossed in the gameplay. Try visiting the casino on a clear timetable that you’ve made yourself. And if you can not follow this rule, think about the problem of gambling addiction and possibly seek help from specialists.

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