Best 9 Smart Health Tracker Apps

How many programs are installed on your smartphone? And how many of them can be of real use? You can literally keep track of your health with online diaries, calendars, and other smart applications that can not only store but also analyze data about your body. Thanks to anatomy for pc software you can gain knowledge about your own body structure. It is never a waste to know how your body works.

What to install on your smartphone to intelligently monitor your body’s main indicators to stay healthy? We’ve chosen nine health monitor apps to eliminate the need to google every symptom you discover. These apps are easy to use and will help you become more aware of your body’s needs.


The online health tracker collects health data from your iPhone and Apple Watch, as well as from the apps you use on your smartphone. Then it analyzes and organizes them so that you can view your body’s indicators in a single interface.

The application is a complete medical record, where the user can enter the most important data about health: blood type, phototype, allergies, chronic diseases, food intolerances, sugar and cholesterol levels, the time of taking medications, etc.


If you’re a fan of Googling your symptoms (and getting the most terrifying answers on the Web), you better install this health monitoring app. Its big advantage is that the information about diseases and symptoms was compiled and systematized by more than 100 scientists and doctors.

The program included data on a thousand diseases – from banal, like colds, to rare diseases. The user should write to the application chat about one of the symptoms. Then Ada will ask some clarifying questions. After analyzing all the collected data, the application will answer what kind of disease the symptoms described by the user can serve as a manifestation of.

MedM Blood Pressure

The service is especially useful for hypo- and hypertensive people. The program allows you to enter data about blood pressure, pulse, and other indicators. In addition, it can synchronize with smart electronic tonometers.

The service organizes the data and shows statistics in the form of charts, specialized graphs by day, week, month. The user also has the ability to track changes in health and provide access to relatives to their data.


This service is much more than just a calorie counter. The intelligent health tracking app will slowly learn your eating habits and take into account your personal requirements (e.g. if you want to go on a low carbohydrate diet) and put together a personalized dietary profile – complete with diet and nutritional guidelines.

You can also track your daily physical activity – enter your workouts manually or synchronize the app with another fitness service. Then MyFitnessPal will be able to adjust the profile and nutrition recommendations, taking into account the intensity level of your workouts.

Runtastic Sleep Better

Sleep quality is one of the most important things to maintain good physical and mental health, so you need to monitor it. It is known that it is easiest and most useful to wake up in certain phases of sleep, and the app has a special alarm clock for this purpose. In the full paid version, this health tracker app helps you analyze the quality of your sleep, the influence of your habits on it, track moon phases and keep a sleep diary.


A simple habit tracker where you just have to check the boxes. You can use it to track how often you exercise, how many times you overeat, go to bed past midnight, eat sweets, drink alcohol, and so on during the week. You can use it not only for healthy living but also, for example, to understand how often you French, cook a meal or clean up. check out our article about  4 reasons why cheaters love using the telegram application.


Sometimes there are situations when we have to take many pills at once, and even by the hour. Periodically, we forget about this schedule. To prevent this from happening, the Medisafe application exists. It has an alarm clock reminding us what and when to drink, and at the same time – a tracker to help keep track of medications. It is especially convenient that in addition to information about medications, you can enter important health indicators — weight, blood pressure, sugar levels, and so on — and track how they change depending on taking pills.


Gamification is triumphantly marching over the planet and allows not only to successfully learn new languages but also to set new records in sports. The app offers plenty of workouts, expert advice, and like-minded support to keep you motivated. Choose the right workouts, complete tasks, earn experience, and improve your level not only in the software but also in real life.

My Possible Self

Another personal health tracker for those who are concerned about their own mental health. It will also be useful for those who have decided to engage in the development of emotional intelligence and want to better understand what they are feeling. The application helps to control emotions, as well as to recognize patterns in their manifestations and track the causes of feelings. The creators promise that the service will help with problems such as chronic stress and anxiety, loss, or serious traumatic change in life.

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