Social Media for Real Estate: Is it Worth Investing?


Did you know that most customers have been searching for real estate on the web? Therefore, it is essential that your company is part of this virtual environment. For this, it is necessary to learn how to deal with social media in the real estate market.

Real Estate projects such as  has utilized the power of social media and gained high profits. In this age of digital marketing, utilizing social media is quite important to boost your project. Without social media, a real estate project will not be able to take off. So, it is recommended to follow the trends of social media and gain maximum profits.

Social Media for Real Estate

This change in consumer behaviour has everything to do with the facilities that social media bring to interaction with the public, which is increasingly eager to invest in residential or commercial real estate. But is it really worth participating in this? Well, that’s what you’ll find out now!

Understand That the Consumer is Online and Active:

Know that 62.5% of the world population uses the internet and 58.4% uses social media. In total, there are more than 4 billion people active on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Pinterest, Snapchat and so on. And Brazil ranks third in the number of hours dedicated to the internet, spending more than 10 hours a day online — according to the 2022 We Are Social report.

And these data only confirm a general mistrust: the world is virtual. So, if you want to sell more, you also need to be on the web. However, more than having an Instagram profile or a Facebook page, it is necessary to be active, talk to people, show what you are capable of, have authority and understand how you can help consumers choose the best property.

See how proximity makes all the difference

One of the main improvements that social media brought to the world of real estate marketing was proximity, the possibility of interacting with users in a more relaxed way. With that, instead of approaching a potential client with a formal email, starting with “Dear Sir”, you can open a dialogue and say, “Hello, I’m So-and-so, Realtor…”. Much friendlier, don’t you agree?

And this proximity is only achieved through dynamic tools such as social networks. In fact, informal contacts are often much more fruitful than the invasive approach, which is all the time on the phone trying to prospect customers. Or the inert one, who waits all day for the phone to ring with an interested person on the other end of the line. In the case of social media, both sides have greater freedom of expression and less formality.

See How the Sales Cycle Can Be Shortened?

As the purchase of a property is a serious decision that demands a lot of money, the consumer’s journey within the real estate market is not short. For, the buyer will commit part of his income for many years. However, social media can streamline the negotiation process.

Thus, instead of scheduling several visits so that the client can see all the properties in its catalogue and decide on one, through videos on social networks, the broker can promote a tour of the available houses or apartments, for example. In this way, the consumer chooses the ones that he likes the most to then carry out the face-to-face visit. This reduces the wait for the choice and even the signing of the contract.

To reach this level, your real estate company must start with a website presenting its services, places of service, and photos of the properties, among others. Also, creating a blog to generate content related to the real estate market is recommended, offering guidance to your customers. With this, you can share the information on social networks so that it reaches as many interested people as possible.

However, remember that each channel has its specific audience, so it is important to segment it. For example, on Facebook, you can use photos, videos, texts from your website or blog, and third parties. Also, data from other similar profiles and channels.

Another option is to promote polls promotions and address issues related to renovations, such as tips. As your national or regional real estate agent, think about your different types of clients for each location.

One more interesting social network to explore is Instagram. Currently, this social network has several tools, such as short videos, videos of moments, longer videos, photos, messages, polls and so on. Here you can get creative to get interactivity with your followers.

One of the great benefits of social media is the possibility that your company will have to know its customers more deeply. With it, you will know the type of property that people are looking for the most, price range, region of the city, what they want to have close to their home and much more.

In addition, you can use the keywords used by your audience to come up with ideas and develop assertive sales strategies. If you understand how this evaluation should be used, you will surely have more data for your negotiations to argue, thus increasing your sales.

Discover the Best Social Media Strategies for the Real Estate Market:

Many entrepreneurs have doubts about what should be posted and how they need to act in the virtual environment. Calm! First, you need to establish the goals you want to achieve in each channel, such as good communication, more visitation, lead generation; shares; engagement; dissemination of products or services and others. Therefore, the real estate company needs a position regarding the image it wants to build in the market. Therefore, it is essential to develop strategies such as those presented below.

Create Informative Content:

Investing in marketing is having goals for sales and, if possible, exceeding them. However, it doesn’t just happen in ads but in other actions that are relevant to your audience. As is the case with the blog that informs and educates about its area of ​​activity. In this way, make consumers recognize their wants and needs through your texts. This will promote a faster and fewer hassle sales process.

Publish the Real Estate Portfolio:

Since social networks provide free tools for you to disseminate different types of content, take the opportunity to create an album with photos and videos of the properties you have for sale or rent, describe each of them with all the important information and share with other users so that this can be replicated.

Celebrate Commemorative Dates:

Celebrate relevant dates for your city, state and country. Take the opportunity to plan and develop posting calendars using texts, photos, animated gifs, and memes. Know how to balance colors and images to attract the attention of consumers. Afterwards, share and tag your contacts to get a good audience.

Use Service Channel:

Be very close to your customers through social media service channels. As they are so popular, they offer a structure for exchanging messages such as chat, inbox, and direct, both public and private. Thus, manage the profiles, evaluate the comments received, respond to them and have an agile interaction with everyone.

Learn from Feedback:

Even if leads or potential buyers don’t like a small part of your posts, don’t ignore them or abandon your marketing strategy. Know how to deal with criticism and try to understand what was not cool to improve and have more opportunities before the public.

Look For Quality, Not Quantity:

The quality of content is essential to capture the attention of your readers. If your page does not offer any attraction, it will be forgotten. So, give useful tips, follow market trends, demonstrate the results of the services provided by the real estate agency, and create videos with testimonials from satisfied customers or any questions they may have. In short, build a bond and earn trust from your followers.

Talking about quality,  (CSCI) has always preferred quality over quantity. That is also a reason that investors highly trust the project and have invested heavily. CSCI is also regarded as a pioneer in utilizing social media for its marketing and uploading quality content.

Search For Partnerships:

Partner with larger real estate companies or similar service providers to help you get your page out there. Thus, you will increase the viewing reach for a low cost. However, look for serious companies that have the same customer profile. Also, see if they can publish some of their content so that more people know about the company.

Be Interesting and Considerate:

Just as the office needs to have a collaborator, digital channels cannot lack someone who performs online services. In this way, it is advisable to have a professional manage social networks, keep the blog updated, answer questions and resolve complaints.

Create Autoresponders for Facebook and Instagram Messenger:

The chat on these networks allows you to automate answers to the most common questions asked by consumers, such as contact phone number, address, documents needed to buy and rent real estate, etc. You can even embed related available links so people can find more extensive answers.

Use Local Information:

Remember to add to the disclosure plan the data regarding schools, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, stores, and malls that are in the region of the properties offered. This brings a great differential and helps in the selection to close a good deal.

Integrate Your Communication Across All the Company’s Digital Channels:

The more transparent companies are in their actions with their audience, the more consumers they conquer, in addition to creating loyalty. However, how can marketing and social media strategies reflect this?

Simple, keep the same visual identity and language across all online and offline channels. This integration will make the public recognize your brand in the face of competitors, as they will perceive that there is a cohesion of information, regardless of where they are. At the same time, you can publish the same ad in the same languages ​​on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, website, magazines, newspapers, billboards, and bus doors.

With this, their union will provide the return of greater efficiency in marketing campaigns, a more qualified profile of its consumers, personalizing offers, increased sales conversion rate, and capturing additional buyer information to assist with fulfilment.

To obtain all this, it is necessary to consider the contact points from social media in the consumer’s journey, such as promotional content, pre-purchase questions and after-sales problem-solving. In addition to adapting the communication strategy to the channels to support prospects and customers.

In summary, investing in social media for the real estate market increases the visibility of the brand. Consequently, the results are more satisfactory, and the company’s image is consolidated. The truth is that the real estate market is full of opportunities. You need to find them to start with social media and gradually advance your strategies!

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