How to Stop Sponsored Ads on Facebook in 2023 – Complete Details

In order to stop-facebook-ads-2023-in-status, the ads we see on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are annoying. But we know as marketers it’s important to be on as many channels as possible.

You can stop the ads from appearing in your mobile App and desktop. You can change some settings on your Facebook so that your ad preferences are adjusted not to receive certain ads again.

Repetitive appearing of ads can be more tiring for some people than others.

One way to avoid clicking on irrelevant ads is not to click on them no matter how tempting they may be.

Once you click on Facebook’s Ad and follow up, you’re giving the social network giant some revenue.

Facebook earns it’s money with advertisements. They sell ads that enable them to earn revenue from people who see their pages and write something on them.

Facebook has an advertising manager that allows people to advertise their organizations on Facebook’s social media posts.

How to Block Sponsored Ads in Facebook News Feed

To do this, you must remove unwanted interests and stop advertisements from being uploaded that are based on your personal information.

You must disable ads based on your profile information, set ads to “not allowed”, hide ad topics.

I updated my Chrome browser and I noticed that sponsored posts disappeared.

This is probably because your interests were updated, which caused the different categories to populate your advertisement list, based on your Facebook browsing habits.

In order to stop them from popping up, you must go back to the Ad settings page and delete the “new” sponsored ad categories.

There is not a one-click solution for blocking sponsored ads so you will have to keep going back and doing this time and again.

These ads are shown to you based on your geographical interests, context, browsing habits, advertiser uploaded list, advertisements you’ve seen recently, etc.

Sponsored ads will appear mid stream when you access your Facebook account.

Irrelevant ads can be a big issue for a company. Irrelevant ads will divert the audience from the actual product being advertised and it could possibly take a toll on the brand image.

You can stop a lot of ads if you use the Facebook policies to manage your online privacy. While there are many ways to go about it, how many ads do you realistically want to get rid of?

Facebook leaves a lot of spam-like videos from different companies you don’t know flooding your news feed. Which actually have nothing to do with you if you don’t buy their stuff very often.

Settings in Facebook to stop Sponsored Ads

If you don’t know these ads are even there, then nothing needs to be changed.

This will apply to the desktop, laptop, or PC version of Facebook. The settings are similar in mobile app also.

  1. Click the “drop-down” on the top blue bar. (the last option).
  2. Click on “Settings”. facebook-settings-2019 1
  3. A new page opens.
  4. On the left hand-side, browse through the options.
  5. Click on “Ads”.
  6. The “ad preferences” page will open.
  7. Click the drop-down next to “Ad settings”. facebook-ads-setting-2019 2
  8. The following options are available.
  • Ads based on data from partners
  • … based on your activity on Facebook Company Products that you see elsewhere
  • … that include your social actions ads-based-on-your-activity-based-on-facebook-company-products 3
  1. Click on each option.
  2. There will be a drop-down box for each setting. For the first two, select “Not allowed”. For the third one, select “No one”. stop-facebook-annoying-ads-preferences 4

Note: Be sure to fully enable your Facebook Privacy Settings and block third-party cookies and apps if you want to avoid seeing sponsored content in your Facebook News Feed.

Stop Facebook Sponsored Ads Completely

Instead of completely blocking the Facebook Ads, wants to fine tune them? Then the following options will help you.

Your interests.

As stated before, Facebook displays ads in your status column based on certain conditions.

One of these conditions is using likes or interests based on the activity taking place on Facebook itself, such as Pages you are engaged with via “liking” posts or ads you’ve found engaging.

There are many different categories to choose from. Here’s a list of them so you can get started:

  1. Business and industry
  2. News and entertainment
  3. Technology
  4. Travel, places and events
  5. People
  6. Hobbies and activities
  7. Family and relationships
  8. Food and drink
  9. Lifestyle and culture
  10. Education
  11. Sports and outdoors

Under each category, our advertisements are further categorized.stop-facebook-ads-2021-in-status when you hover that item, you can see a “cross” mark at the top-right-hand corner of the item.

Click on it, to remove that preference of ads showing in your status history.

In case you need, you can add the same item again to that of your ad interests.

Note: Make sure that all categories/interests are added under different categories. Even if a few interests are allowed, you will still be bombarded with “Sponsored Ads” again.

Advertisers and businesses

In this category, stop-facebook-ads-2021-in-status ads are displayed from advertisers and businesses who chose to upload a list with your info and advertised to you. This includes those

  • whose website or app you may have used
  • Who you’ve visited
  • Whose ads you’ve clicked

And many more.

In the Account section, you can upload your advertising history as a list with updated information. The following conditions are possible

  1. These advertisers have run an ad in the past seven days using a list uploaded to Facebook containing your information, typically an email address or a phone number.
  2. Facebook matched the uploaded information to your profile, without revealing your identity to the advertiser.

Your information

Some of the Facebook ads that reach potential users are based on the information provided on their profiles. stop-facebook-ads-2021-in-status In this setting, one can manage whether they want to see Facebook ads based on certain parameters.

It’s time to turn off! Disable ads with help of Google Ad Settings.

  • Relationship status
  • Employer
  • Job title
  • Education

Under the same settings, there is now a new tab that says “Your categories“. In here you can see all of your interests as well as those of other people who may share them as you can see from the images below.

You can click the “x” to remove those categories from the list. Ads related

Hide ad topics

There are certain topics which could be harmful to vulnerable ears. stop-facebook-ads-2021-in-status By hiding offensive ads, you help protect your audience from these kinds of potentially damaging or offensive topics or message.

You can still expect to see ads that are related to the topics you were trying to advertise in the first place.

In cases where users have seen the sponsored posts anyway, the fact is that it’s not always the fault of Facebook. In their words, “it totally depends on their policy.”


The above settings should help you disable Facebook ads. stop-facebook-ads-2021-in-status You can further fine tune what does and doesn’t appear by looking at the Ads Preferences section on your Facebook page, available here.

The above tutorial can definitely help those who browse Facebook status for better ways to deal with information.

One of the best ways, as a Facebook user, that you can help save time and reduce ad revenue is by taking full control over which ads you’d like to see. Controlling what advertisements we see is very important.

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