Pros and Cons of Dedicated Team Model in Software Development

Outstaffing is a great way to engage professionals for a definite project for businesses of different kinds. Software development is a direction where such a form as a dedicated software development team model demonstrates high effectiveness.

Pros and Cons of Dedicated Team Model in Software Development

It allows saving costs, time and gets the best technical innovative solutions.


  • Complete commitment of the Dedicated team to the business goals of a client Flexible project needs development.
  • The specifications and all pool of jobs to be done can be drawn up on-shore and off-shore teams during the project fulfillment.
  • You got total control of the tasks planning and progress
  • You can integrate a dedicated team into your existing IT department
  • The contract conditions are flexible


Dealing with in-house developers supposes facing with the necessity to disburse money for the office space, equipment, acquiring of new technologies, pieces of training, and monthly salary. That will take much more than you think.

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But dealing with a dedicated software development team supposes sparing these expanses.

Perfect for Long-term Projects

Such a format of outstaffing is very beneficial for long-time tasks. It is suitable and reliable. A team conforms to the specifications and contributes to the project with cutting-edge technological solutions. The latter is determined by the fact that a team permanently deals with the newest approaches and methodologies.

Expect Efficient Management

A reliable management system is a basis for the development of any project. And the basis for this is a reliable team that will be engaged in software development.

Engaging out-house software developers, you delegate responsibility for project management.

All stages of development are carried out by the team you’ve chosen, and all communications are reduced to communication with the project team leader. You can monitor the team performed using daily reports.

These are the advanteges of Dedicated Team Model.


There is always a flip side to a coin. The suggested model, like any other, has some drawbacks which you need to take into account for more efficient decisions.

These cons generally do not outweigh the pros. However, the model doesn’t match all the types of projects.

Expensive for Short-term Software Development Work
short-dated projects generally do not match this model. It may appear to be too expensive for a short run using. And to the opposite, it is much more efficient and money-saving when the format is used for long-period tasks.

Communication Problems

There might be a problem of miscommunication if the very communion has been set incorrectly.

As long as, software developers work remotely and you hire a moderator company that provides you with some necessary developers, there may be some lack of direct communications with the latter. But, if you set a direct interaction via your project manager or establish your own rules of direct communications, the problem will not even emerge.
You can directly contact an IT outsourcing company that professes the responsible approach to full-filling the tasks and communion with a customer.


Employing a IT outsourcing company serves great for optimizing the business processes related to the IT sector. The advantages of this model at outweigh the cons. Yet, you need to consider the pros and cons when you are about to launch your IT projects.

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