The world’s leading industry mobile application solution provider Urovo introduces a new range of RFID handheld readers that stand out in the market; high quality, sophisticated design, reliable connectivity, long-range and more.

Urovo provides smart devices with the ultimate technology to offer businesses and retailers the most innovative computerized mobile solutions for product identification.

The New Standards of Innovation With Urovo Rfid Handheld Readers

The Large Retailers And Enterprises Preferred Choice

This new line of RFID handheld readers, PDA scanners, and payment terminals enables streamlined logistics, manufacturing, barcode scanning, inventory control, price updates, and more. As a result, Urovo’s readers transform and increase the quality of customer service.

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What Makes Urovo Rfid Handheld Readers The Best Choice?

The creation and development of mobile devices with high standards to provide practical and modern solutions.

  • Innovative: RFID handheld readers feature a functional design that allows on-screen reading of all data related to the product, price, quantities available, features—allowing sellers to demonstrate more significant knowledge about the products they offer.
  • Fast: The main feature of these wireless devices is a high speed, with a 4G connection that provides a fast response to users. In addition, provide connection via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi depending on the user’s needs.
  • Powerful: Long-range that provides immediate solutions when the user requires it up to a range of 20 meters.
  • Accurate: Urovo RFID handheld readers stand out for the high accuracy of the data provide to users through a computerized control system that offers real-time information on the product’s status.

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