EssentialPIM- The Perfect Tool for Adding to the Efficiency of Businessmen

If work starts consuming your whole life with no time left for indulging in hobbies or enjoying leisure hours, then you are most likely to feel frustrated sooner or later. This is a common reality of millennials who are having to juggle with both work and home front single-handedly.

Modern workers suffer from a common misconception that being more occupied with tasks indicates higher productivity. But understanding the difference between being busy and being productive is the first step of efficient time management. 

Businessmen who have made their mark amidst increasing competition understand that being productive is always the better option than being busy as it helps in attaining desired results while delegating as little time as possible. A productive person can complete their work quickly and enjoy more free time.

This can bring down stress levels and motivate you towards bigger and better aims. Growing work assignments can make it extremely tasking for the businessman to keep a tab over everything single-handedly. That’s why more and more businessmen are relying on EssentialPIM to bring their life on track and smoothly manage everything. Read on to know how Best PIM Software can bring about a paradigm change in your life:

  • Communicate Seamlessly With the Email Module

Most of us rely on emails as a pivotal means of communication. The importance of emails is greater amongst businessmen who have to keep a tab over everything ranging from purchase requisitions to stock supplies and employee payroll. Businessmen often opt for separate mail addresses to segregate mails. But the main problem arises when they have to manage multiple email ids.

EssentialPIM can completely revolutionize managing emails with its Mail module that can be integrated with the Contacts module for easy sending and receiving of newsletters and messages. You can add multiple accounts and keep a tab over all of them from the ‘All Inboxes’ folder. 

The Perfect Tool for Adding to the Efficiency of Businessmen

The Mail module can be viewed in Horizontal, Vertical, Vertical in Groups, and Wide view mode. Users can choose amongst their preferred views from the Layout menu. Businessmen often need sorting and filtering of messages and EssentialPIM caters to this requirement brilliantly. Creating newsletters become easy with EPIM Pro for being sent to multiple contacts with a single click. Businessmen often complain of receiving endless spam mails which makes it difficult to find useful ones.

Individually deleting spam emails from the Inbox can be a time-taking task which businessmen might not be able to manage given their hectic schedules. The adaptive spam filtering tool of EPIM Pro improves over time by learning ways of detecting spam emails from user activities.

However, the tool has to be trained by marking the spam messages manually by hitting the ‘Mark as Spam button. Similarly, users can mark the falsely detected spam messages by choosing the ‘Mark as Not Spam’ option. It is very obvious for users to be worried about the safety of their email content which is why EssentialPIM allows for PGP encryption for all the correspondence. 

  • Keep Track Of Everything With the Calendar Module

It’s usual for businessmen to have numerous activities lined up throughout the day. Keeping track of all of them can become a tasking job. Appointing a secretary might seem like an option but there is always a chance of error in human work. On top of that, employing someone can be costly for startups that are trying to keep their overall expenses low.

EssentialPIM can offer significant assistance in keeping up with your upcoming schedule through the Calendar module which can be viewed according to day, week, month, week agenda, year, and table. There is also an option of altering the calendar view as per your requirements to display a certain set of categories. Whenever an appointment is scheduled, it can be added to this cross-platform utility so that you never miss out on anything important. 

  • Store Contact Credentials In the Contacts Module

Businessmen have to meet new people for work needs. Storing their contact details become easy with the Contact module of EssentialPIM which also allows sending newsletters directly. If there is a cluster of contacts belonging to a similar category, then you can create a group and add the members. Once the contacts have been added, they can be sorted and filtered using the search fields like the first name, last name, phone number, email address, etc. 

  • Store Information Neatly In the Notes Module

EssentialPIM is accompanied by a text editing tool that allows users to jot down all the important information. Previously people used manual notepads for doing the same. But this method was not a safe one as it was prone to getting lost or falling in the wrong hands.

Finding the right information at the right time could also be very difficult especially when you had noted down something months back and had even switched to a new notebook in all this time. The privacy of notes added in EssentialPIM can be set between private or public according to the level of data sensitivity especially if your system is accessed by colleagues now and then.

There is also an option of creating a sticky note for the most important issues whose copies are next created on the desktop. Users can hierarchically arrange the notes and even alter the notes structure by simple drag and drop action. It is possible to create a task or appointment directly using the contents stored in the Notes module. 

  • Generate & Store Passwords in the Passwords Module

EPIM is accompanied by a powerful password management tool wherein businessmen can store different passwords and also generate new ones using defined patterns. Once you have stored a password, it can be auto-typed into web forms using a single click. 


The COVID pandemic has forced numerous businessmen around the globe to work from their homes. This is where the cloud integration of EssentialPIM has helped them drastically by allowing unprecedented synchronization with popular cloud services. All the data stored in its scalable server can be synchronized with your Apple or Android device for being managed on the go. You can operate this cross-platform utility directly from a USB flash drive making it the perfect choice for businessmen who do not wish to weigh down their system with hefty downloads. 

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