Things to Consider When Moving to Dubai With Children

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Dubai it is a region where there are few historical sights, where they do not look too far into the past, but where they invest a lot in the present and do everything so that the current residents do not need anything. A place where people are treated like this is ideal for moving with the whole family, because it is always nice to take children to a country where they have a future. And, despite the fact that it is almost impossible to obtain UAE citizenship, the state government encourages foreigners (especially those who are willing to invest in its economy) to move here with their families. Investing in property in Port de La Mer, Grand Views, or any other residential community is investing in prosperous future of you and your children.

Education if you buy property in Dubai

If you are moving to Dubai with children of preschool or school age, then you will surely try to make sure that they can get a good education. In the United Arab Emirates, there are plenty of pre-school, secondary, and higher educational institutions, both public and private. Pre-school educational institutions in the Emirates are of two types:

  • Nursery, where children are admitted, starting from a month and a half and releasing them at 4-5 years old;
  • Kindergarten – a kind of preparatory courses for the school, where 4-6-year-old children study.

The best schools are those that focus on British and American curricula, but they are also the most expensive. For example, studying at an Indian school will cost much less.

Foreigners can also get higher education, there are enough universities (both public and private) that accept expat children, however, for a considerable fee: 

  1. Zayed University, 
  2. Higher Colleges of Technology, 
  3. American University in Dubai and others.

Leisure activities for immigrant children in Dubai

In order for your kids to get used to their new place of residence as quickly as possible and not miss their home and friends, you need to show them all the advantages of the city, to prove that this emirate has many opportunities for entertainment. For example:

  1. Ski Dubai. In the city, they decided that life in the desert is no reason to refuse to go downhill skiing or snowboarding, so they built this wonderful snow park.
  2. Adventure HQ, Galleria Mall. Here, children will experience unforgettable adventures under the guidance of experienced instructors.
  3. Kite Beach is a beach where you can rent a boat and go on a little sea adventure.
  4. Al Marmoum Camel Racetrack. Camel races are held at this hippodrome every year in winter – a spectacle that will be loved by both adults and children.
  5. Dubai Garden Center is a green area with animal figurines hiding among the plants.

Of course, this is not the whole list of opportunities for recreation with children. You can play sports with them, visit museums, walk through the markets, go camping in the desert, sunbathe and swim, etc. In addition, as soon as the child goes to school or kindergarten, he will make new friends, and homesickness will disappear by itself.

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