Tips For Selecting the Best Cat Stroller for Your Kitty

Dogs are familiar with leashes and it is easy to train dogs to walk with a leash and harness but the same is not true for cats. Although you can try to accustom your cat walk with a leash, the feline beauty would rarely respond in the way you want because of its dislike for leash.

The same is true for kittens that love to move around freely and since it is not possible to allow such free movements outdoors, it is better to make it sit on a stroller while taking it out for exploring the world. Even older cats that might suffer from severe arthritis would enjoy the stroller ride. 

Strollers provide a safe option of taking your cat outdoors and provide ample opportunity to socialize with the assurance that your cat will not run away. As the cat sits on the stroller that you push them around, it protects the cat from dog attacks.  Cat stroller designs provide a secure enclosure for your cat while you move around that ensures safety too. 

If you are looking for the best cat stroller then this brief guide should make your task easy.

Consider the dimensions

The stroller size, both the external and internal dimensions are important but since the internal dimensions affect the external dimension, you should pay more attention to space available for your cat/s to sit comfortably on the stroller. The inner space of the stroller should suits the number of cats you want to put in the stroller.

Having a big stroller that can accommodate up to three cats is a god option provided you have the same number of cats accompanying you when moving outdoors. For maximum comfort of cats to sit in the stroller and keep viewing the surroundings without any hindrance, the space and the seat height must be optimal.

Consider the number of wheels

You have to choose between 3 wheeled and 4 wheeled strollers by considering which one seems to be more comfortable for you to handle. Although the 4 wheeled strollers offer more stability, you can be comfortable with 3 wheeled strollers too as it is easy to maneuver the stroller that facilitates quick turning. 3 wheeled strollers are easy to push with one hand but you must ensure that it has a swivel front wheel with an optional locking system. Smaller strollers with 3 wheels are easy to handle but if you need bigger strollers like the ones suitable for three cats sitting together, then you must choose a 4 wheeled stroller which is more stable.   However, it would need larger spaces to move through as it has a much bigger turning circle than 3 wheeled strollers.

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Choose strollers with adjustable handle

Controlling the stroller becomes easy when the height of the handle is just correct for the person handling the stroller. To enable people for different heights, handle the stroller easily ensure that the stroller has an adjustable handle.

 The wheels should also be large so that it is easy to maneuver the stroller across any kind of terrain.

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