Top 10 English Bowlers In International T20 In 2021

In the year 2021, the tournament for the second phase of the World Twenty20 Championship took place. During the international Twenty20 tournament in 2021, England tried out a new kind of fast bowling that was very different from anything that had been done before. In the interest of this piece, this post is going to examine the top 10 English players who took wickets in Twenty20 international matches in the last year of 2021. You can checkout cricket live video app for more details on these players.

  1. Adil Rashid

Adil Rashid was the player for England who collects the most wickets at the international Twenty20 competition that took place in 2021. During the year 2021, he played for England in a total of sixteen Twenty20 Internationals and completed the year with 23 wickets. In the year 2021, while Adil was bowling for England in an international Twenty20 cricket match, he was accountable for obtaining every one of these wickets. His total score was 17.78, and his rate of economic success was 7.01 out of a possible 10.

  1. Chris Jordan’s

Chris Jordan finished the year 2021 and has taken the most wickets for England in Twenty20 international matches. This achievement will come about after the year 2021. In Twenty20 Internationals for England in 2021, he had a total of 16 appearances under his belt. In the course of these Twenty20 International matches, Jordan has taken 13 wickets while keeping an economy rate of 8.07 and a batting average of 34.07.

  1. Moen Ali

Moen Ali finished 2018 with the third-most wickets for England in Twenty20 international matches. This year’s matches were played in 2018. As of the previous year (2021), he has taken part in a total of 10 international Twenty20 matches, during which he has collected 11 wickets for England. These matches took place up to this point. Ali has been successful in accumulating these wickets while still preserving a batting average of 11.90 and an economy rate that is an incredible 6.00.

  1. Liam Livingstone

In the last year 2021, it is projected that another English bowler, Liam Livingstone, would reach the top ten list of England’s finest wicket-takers in international Twenty20 cricket. This list is compiled of England’s best bowlers. It is to be expected that Liam Livingstone was included on this list. Livingstone has been an integral part of England’s success in the Twenty20 International format in 2021, providing eight wickets to England’s victory in a total of twelve games. This performance has led to England being crowned champions of the Twenty20 International format. Livingstone has maintained an economy rate of 6.32 runs per over despite taking wickets at an average rate of 19.75 runs per player when the team is batting.

  1. Chris Woakes

Chris Woakes has established himself as the second most successful English bowler in Twenty20 internationals in the year 2021 with eight wickets. This places him in second place after James Anderson. Woakes has represented England in eight different International Twenty20 matches since the beginning of the year 2021. Throughout those encounters, he has taken eight wickets while maintaining an economy rate of 6.50 runs per over.

  1. Mark Wood

During the Twenty20 internationals that England competed in during the season of 2020–21, Mark Wood was able to take six wickets for the English team. Over the last year, he has competed for England in a total of eight Twenty20 Internationals, and he has collected eight wickets while playing in those matches. Mark now has a batting average of 32.62 and an economy rate of 8.15 after these wickets have been taken care of.

  1. Tymal Mills

Tymal Mills has established himself as the seventh-highest wicket-taker for England in international Twenty20 play during the 2021 era. He had seven scalps to his name, which places him in seventh place overall. Mills had accumulated a batting average of 15.42 and an economy rate of 8.00 after participating for England in four successful international Twenty20 matches in the year 2021. These matches were played in the format of Twenty20.

  1. Sam Curran

On England’s list of the top ten players who took the most wickets in Twenty20 internationals in 2021, Sam Curran has moved up to the ladder, where he now sits. Sam had represented England in eight Twenty20 Internationals throughout the year 2021/2022, and as a result of his performances over those matches, he has seven wickets to show for his efforts. Sam has done an outstanding job, posting an economy rate of 6.57 while averaging 17.85 runs per wicket taken off his bowling throughout this match.

  1. Jofra Archer

Jofra Archer took the most wickets of any England player by the time the Twenty20 season is through in 2021. In 2018, he has competed for England in a total of five international Twenty20 matches, and throughout all of those matches, he has taken seven wickets. These wickets were taken by Archer for 7.75 runs per match on average, and at a rate of 22.14 runs per wicket on average.

  1. David Willey

In the year 2021, David Willey was the last English player to crack the top 10 lists for most wickets taken in both England and international Twenty20 cricket. These lists are compiled of players who have taken the most wickets in both England and internationally. These rankings are determined by the total number of wickets that were taken during the match. David has been a part of four of England’s Twenty20 international matches that have taken place in the year 2021. Willey’s bowling was efficient, as shown by the fact that he was able to take wickets at a rate of 23.25 per innings while keeping his economy rate at a respectable 6.64.


Bowlers from England have a solid reputation for doing well internationally in Twenty20 cricket competitions due to their previous achievements. Bowlers from England have also had a significant amount of success while playing in this manner.

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