Top 5 Online Intro Makers of 2023 – That Can Change Your Life

ith more than 90% of the consumers watching over a billion hours of videos every day, the market has only become increasingly crowded. Video makers require all the assistance they can acquire to stand out, and this is where pro-grade video intros make all the difference.

Now, the intro of your business marketing video will be the first few seconds where you will get the chance to compel the viewers into watching the entire content. So, it becomes more than likely for you to create the best intro.

This is where the use of a top-quality intro maker becomes inevitable. There are a large number of top-quality intro-making tools available in the market, making it a Herculean task to choose the best.

To make things easier, here are the top 5 online intro makers of 2023 that can change your life for the good.

  1. Biteable

For the ones who are on the lookout for using a simple but highly efficient intro maker that allows them to personalize templates with transitions, animations, filters, and texts, Biteable would be the ultimate choice.

With 8 lakh+ stock footage shots, this app is considered the best option for creating beautiful animated videos. It does not have any hardware limitations and can easily be used on almost any browser.

It has a great selection of intro templates and a bunch of stock footage, along with stock music. This user-friendly intro maker also features a text editor for the ones who want professional results from their video intros.

The software also helps users in adding business cards, credits, and other important things to their intros without any effort. Its templates come with 3 to 5 second scenes that can easily be customized to change font, length, and content.

It is the speed and the simplicity of this intro-making tool that attract the attention of the users. Just a few clicks, and the users will be ready with anime to be published on any social networking site or business website.

  1. Placeit

Supported by Envato, the leading marketplace for different digital assets worldwide, Placeit packs a massive creative punch. This intro maker features a library of over 20000 templates in varied categories.

The tool also helps users in going for the right soundtrack by choosing from its library of a wide assortment of music files. So, users can conveniently adapt the style and the music they want in their intros.

Besides, they even get the option of adding their slides, logos, videos, and images to the template designs. With a logical and simple user interface, this intro maker has come up to be a tool that requires little to no pre-editing experience on the part of the users when it comes to making decent and engaging video introductions.

Placeit would be the perfect choice for all those content creators looking to create intros and then tweaking the same for several videos. The tool also gives users the luxury of saving their edited intros to be used later on in suitable videos.

  1. InVideo

The tool features some of the most highly advanced special effects and transitions. You can use this tool for creating pro-level and studio-quality intros with a bit of pre-planning. One of the greatest benefits of using InVideo is that the users get easy access to a media library filled with millions of video clips, images, and royalty-free audio files.

For the ones who want to create videos right from scratch, InVideo would be the right choice. This intro-maker comes loaded with some of the best templates that help users in creating multilingual introductions.

You can use it for creating engaging and compelling intros within just a few minutes. It is not necessary for you to be a skilled video editor or creator for making scroll-stopping intros with this tool.

With this tool by your side, it gets easier for you to make professional-grade intros with the use of the tool’s readymade templates. This is a highly versatile online intro-making tool that will help you create unskippable intros, thus transforming viewers into subscribers.

Creating stunning intros will be a breeze for you with it’s best-in-class audio tracks, media library, effects, typography, and stickers.

  1. MotionDen

Yet another super-intuitive and wonderful intro-making tool, MotionDen allows its users to create distinctive and exclusive animated intros with its professional-grade, readymade templates.

The best thing about MotionDen is that its templates are arranged in logical themes like YouTube or eCommerce, making it easier for the users to go for the templates that match their niche quickly.

Easy to use and simple, this customizable editor allows users to tinker with their background track, colors, and text for creating superb intros in just a few minutes. It comes with a super convenient and easy-to-use interface which is its most essential advantage.

This tool helps users in creating around 5 videos at a time. For the ones who do not want to put their mind and their heart into creating intros that catch attention at the very first go, MotionDen would be the ultimate choice.

  1. Renderforest

Business individuals and content creators with plans to create logo introductions for their promotional videos should definitely consider Renderforest as the ultimate intro-making tool. The software offers an extensive assortment of beautiful logo templates.

The templates available with this tool can easily be customized and revealed stunningly in business promotion videos. This intro maker is also known for some of the most amazing animated reveals.

The simple interface of the app ensures that users can complete their intros within no time at all.


It does not really matter which intro-making tool you are going for. The thing that really matters is that whichever intro maker you are choosing should give you the option of producing a stunning introduction.

The tool you use should help you create intros that work wonders in promoting your brand. Remember, intros that speak of a company’s personality and echo its brand values are always the best.

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