Top Animation Ads to Inspire by

Video marketing has gained leadership among the different marketing tools. Any business strategy not depending on the budget and scale will not reach the tops which it could if explainer videos were launched.

At the same time, there already have been realized a thousand types of different videos and it is not so easy to break through the advertising noise with some talking-head-like video. Nobody cares for boring videos even when they present a famous brand. In the circumstances of a high competition rate, you have to stand out, be different. Thanks to creativeness some videos become viral or just very popular which allows getting ahead of the competitors on the market.

Top Animation Ads to Inspire by

But this can’t be reached with the help of outdated approaches.

The first attempts to employ animation advertising for marketing were taken in the far 50-s of the past century.

But, in the latest years, we observed how cartoons as a type of visualization turned to be the most prospective tool for promoting products and services.

It seems that animation provokes more resonation in the viewers than any other video. Somehow this tool finds its way to the viewers’ hearts.

Let’s look behind the scenes to see what makes animation add so special analyzing a few examples of animation advertisements.

animation ads to inspire by

Nespresso On Ice

This promo was released a couple of years ago and presented the limited-edition ice blends. During 30 seconds the video walks viewers through the summer dreams and taste of iced coffee.

With the help of background music and sound design, viewers are smoothly engaged in the atmosphere of chilling out. Due to the emotional resonation, the video became very popular and significantly extended  the target audience.

The video is about quality assurance at the production process of the worldwide famous nutrition firm.

The whole animation serves as a background for the main messages showing the official data presented in numbers and facts. They deliver info about their sustainability, values, and product quality for a few minutes.

Cadbury Screme Egg: They’re Here

A parody o the well-known horror Down of the Dead. The promo employs specific recognizable patterns in the sound design affiliating to the screens of the movie along with the eye-opening motion design impress viewers and provokes the unstoppable desire to taste that egg.

McDonald’s Mobile App Launch

The new mobile application of McDonald’s uses just 35 seconds to remind us of the thing we love this brand for — this brand provides us with the place and possibility to meet our friends and share food with them. The 2D graphic shows the recognizable characters and actually, there are no unexpected turns or events. Yet, the viewers become engaged due to the value the explainer broadcasts — the value of community and communication.

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Simple, short with the elementary video track and sound design. But the meaningful script offsets the lack of effects with the touching episodes.

Final thoughts

From the presented popular animation ads, we see that sometimes advertising is more than just promotion. These are also entertaining videos. And due to the storytelling and touching moments, they are easy to remember. And what is important — it is easy to remember the products they promote and their value.

If you are inspired by the top animation ads to inspire by we presented above and started thinking of having something like that about your business, well, then you might be interested to watch some more. animated TV commercials we have created.

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