Top Books to Use for Exam Labs Microsoft MS-101 Certification Exam Preparation

Top Books to Use for Exam Labs Microsoft MS Are you passionate about Microsoft 365 services and features? Have you ever thought of enhancing your skills and validating your expert-level competence by an international certification? It is clear that if you add it to your resume,

you will become more visible and appreciated by recruiters. So, why not go for it? Well, you are right, first you have to know what’s involved in this path.

When it comes to the Exam-Labs Microsoft Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert credential, you have to pass to exams to obtain it. These are MS-100 and MS-101, and in this post, we’ll be talking about preparation for the second one. Read on to find out what is a sure approach to ace this test!

Gathering Materials for MS-101

Since MS-101 should be taken after Exam Labs MS-100, you will already identify which learning methods helped you the most. This makes your training easier but at the same time, you might be tired of intensive studying.

Thus, we recommend you to get a limited set of resources choosing only those working best for you.

First of all, you can enroll in the official training as this comprehensive program proved to be of high value. Then, supplement it with self-study with books. There are many great guides on the market, and below, you’ll find three of the most popular ones.

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Books to Choose for MS-101 Revision

Our first recommendation is Exam Ref MS-101 Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security written by Brian Svidergol and Robert Clemens. This book is the official guide launched by the vendor itself to help exam-takers pass Exam Labs MS-101 with flying colors. It focuses on the three major pillars evaluated during the test.

As it was developed by Microsoft experts, it includes real-world examples to help candidates understand how Microsoft 365 services can be implemented in a business environment. Besides,

it improves critical thinking and decision-making skills and grows the applicants’ chances to succeed in MS-101 assessment from the first try visit

The second book we’d like to mention is Exam Guide MS-101: Explore threat management, governance, security, compliance, and device services in Microsoft 365 by Nate Chamberlain. This book is suitable for any Exam Labs IT professional who wants to pass MS-101 test without too much stress. It includes different concepts that help candidates develop the following abilities:

  • Successful implementation of modern device services as well as Microsoft 365 security and threat management
  • Developing tools to configure policies and audit logs
  • Planning and management of Microsoft 365 including DLP and MDM
  • Configuring different eDiscovery settings and enhancing the organization’s capacity to respond quickly to any issues with the help of Microsoft 365 services
  • Identifying best practices from the market and configuring the infrastructure to achieve the set results

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The Microsoft Exam Labs MS-101 exam is the final milestone you should take to get the certification for Enterprise Administrator Expert. Even though the assessment might seem difficult, you will make your life easier if you use the

books mentioned above in your self-study routine and utilize other verified resources like instructor-led training. Thus, you will clarify all the required concepts and boost your career with the desired credential!

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