Toptal Alternatives: Cheap Freelancer Hiring Options in 2023

Ever since the pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns, the popularity for remote jobs have sprung up exponentially. More and more employees are looking for flexibility and better work-life balance by opting for freelance work, and employers are on the lookout for the best platforms to hire freelance talent.

When exploring freelancer hiring options, Toptal comes to mind as a pioneer in the tech talent space. But as most talent hunters are aware, Toptal is not the most budget-friendly option out there. 

So we have done the research to present you with the most affordable Toptal alternatives to hiring freelancers in 2023.

  1. Upwork

As possibly one of the largest online workplaces, Upwork has been serving the freelance community for years. Upwork follows a bidding system which allows developers to quote lower prices for the available projects and enables the employers to book the most favourable bid. Whether you’re in search of writers, proofreaders, data entry specialists or programmers for your upcoming project, Upwork is a cheap alternative to Toptal to source your talent.

  1. Freelancer

With thousands of freelance jobs being posted online every day, Freelancer is a site that’s frequented by web designers, developers, graphics designers and all types of other professionals offering their freelance services from across the globe.

The millions of users within its database make it a great place for employers to find remote staff. The employer has a simple process to undergo when they post their project criteria and define what they’re in search of and the candidates will make proposals for the projects that interest them. The employers will browse through all potential candidates and look up their reviews and shortlist the best. If your needs are to find a range of talents at very very low price points, Freelancer is a great Toptal alternative to look into.

  1. SkillSoniq

SkillSoniq is a marketplace app connecting skilled freelancers with companies in the same locality, at extremely affordable rates. They use AI and machine learning to match freelancers to available projects and ensure that the freelancers have 40 hours of work a week to keep them fully occupied. This Toptal alternative is a great option for employers looking to hire multiple talents as they can post multiple jobs on the site for free.

  1. Fiverr

Fiverr is another major freelancer marketplace where you can find a range of service providers at affordable rates. The platform has a high concentration of Asian talent that quote low prices that drive its gig economy. If you’re on the hunt for a Toptal alternative that is uber friendly on your wallet and if the expertise of the talent is not your main concern, Fiverr is a great platform to consider.

  1. CloudDevs 

CloudDevs is a vetted talent platform that offers elite senior developers and designers exclusively from Latin American countries. Unlike the previously mentioned options, CloudDevs assures a higher standard of quality when it comes to their talent as each individual in their talent pool has to go through 5 stages of vetting in order to make it into the platform. Additionally, they hire only senior developers so the clients are offered talents that have the expertise to deliver exceptional services.

This Toptal Alternative charges a transparent fee of $45-70 per hr for all their freelance developers that can be hired on a part-time or full-time basis. Due to the assurance of their pre-vetting you can hire your dev talent within 24 hours, speeding up the project time.


If you’re on the hunt for a Toptal alternative that offers a range of talent options to pick from at really affordable prices, you may find someone suitable at either Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr or SkillSoniq. However, if you prefer a standard of service similar to that of Toptal which offers qualified senior dev talent at affordable and transparent rates, CloudDevs may be the better option to consider.

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