Virtual Reality: Technical and Financial Components for Implementation in Various Areas

In the current era of industrial progress, technology is developing at an ever-faster pace. And revolutionary solutions are available to everyone! 

One of the progressive areas is virtual reality. This is easy to explain. To create 3D images, industrial workshops with hundreds of workers are not needed, for example, for the production of a car. The alternate world has proven so exciting for gamers and users of useful apps that VR is growing in popularity. 

In the next 5-10 years, virtual reality will conquer the planet and become an integral part of our lives. Just as computers did quite recently. Moreover, the majority are sure that the gaming industry will be in the “first ranks of the conquerors”. And it’s not just about console games, but even about online platforms, including live online casinos as Shangri La. 

Why? Because already now it is the most profitable among all directions of using VR. The number of people using VR in online and live casino games, training, business, medicine, etc., exceeds several tens of millions. 

But huge funds are being invested in the gaming industry. The volume of annual investments has already exceeded several billion. It is not surprising that market leaders rushed to meet the needs of gamers in the first place. You have to fight for market share at the very beginning, then it will be difficult to “push” large players. Companies that make Samsung Gear, PlayStation, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have realized this earlier than others. 

To better understand why VR games are so cool, you need to understand the technology. A virtual reality mask put on the head immediately, unlike a PC, “cuts off” the real world, leaving only the picture on the screen in the gamer’s visual field. 

The drawing of characters is becoming more and more qualitative. Each time more and more accurately repeating the features of real heroes. The helmet settings make it possible to bring the lenses closer to the eyes providing a wide viewing angle. The two channels on the display provide one 3D image from two flat images. 

And that is not all! Not only is the drawing beautiful in itself and moves, if it is a cartoon or video, the user can also control it all. And not only in the control option of the main character but also for the player, creating the effect of complete immersion in an alternative world.  

The return on investment in virtual reality is now astonishing. And do not forget that VR games are at the very early stage of their development. Businessmen have great prospects. According to the roughest estimates, funding development for gamers can take any business to a new level. And this applies not only to large companies with established production, but even to ordinary startups. 

Another application of VR is to create the effect of being at real events. Putting on a VR glasses, the participant finds himself in the stadium where the real game or concert takes place, or in the gambling hall. The development of this direction will allow people to become participants in many events or observers of rare phenomena. 

Many businesses today are using VR to showcase their products and services. VR helmets and glasses are an important element of the learning process. More will follow!

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