Want To Know Different Food Habits All Around The Globe?

Want To Know Different Food Habits All Around The Globe?

Many people tend to believe that the US has the highest rate of obesity in the country. However, it is not true. Mexico has more people with the causes of obesity, but over 1/3 of the US adults are obese, and these numbers are not showing any sign of stopping. The statistic is eye-opening when you compare it with other countries such as India and Japan. In these countries, the obesity rate is less than 5%.

So why is there so much difference? There are various factors affecting obesity rates throughout the world, but it all narrows down to what people consume and how they eat their meals. The good thing is that we all can borrow and implement healthy eating habits from the countries globally. There are also some practices that we must drop if we all want to give up on obesity. Let us look at the greatest food eating habits worldwide and implement them to become better than before.


Setting Stage: we should steal this unexpected method from the Japanese. The practice of adding appearance to the food is the best. Adding small portions and colorful seasonal vegetables results in a visually appealing food that is healthy to consume. The small portions of foods can help us to keep the calories in check. In contrast, vegetables will offer us various vitamins and minerals which are good and beneficial for the body from all directions.

Skip: fishes are filled with heavy metal and mercury, which is an element that can damage the nervous system. You will find it in tuna, swordfish, and king mackerel. You should avoid sushi and go for safer options such as salmon and squid.


Pleasing Plate: according to a study, the French associate food with pleasure, the country comes with lower obesity rates and cardiovascular disease than the USA. Americans tend to be more concerned with how healthy their food is and they tend to get less pleasure when eating food. So rather than eating in bigger portions of healthy desserts such as frozen yogurt, you should opt for a small portion of a treat of your desire and get the best sensory experience.

Skip: Buttery breakfasts such as pastries are filled with carbs, sugar, and fat. You should opt for the more nutritious options such as oatmeal or yogurt and eat pastries occasionally.


Spicy: Indian foods come with tones of spices that add flavor to the meal, along with appealing color and health benefits. Spices such as ginger, turmeric, and red pepper can help you to lower cholesterol levels. Indians tend to use aromatics such as onions and garlic, reducing the chances of heart diseases.

Skip: Most of the dishes in India are high in saturated fat due to ghee and full-fat milk. If you are looking to avoid or reduce saturated fat in their diets, you should go easy on the rich dishes. You can opt for tandoori-grilled meats and curries based on tomatoes.


Proportion Controlling: the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet are old news, and we all know it. Although the country’s food usually comes with olive oil, cheese, and meat, these caloric ingredients are not used excessively in the country. Rather they use and eat it moderately. Traditional Mediterranean food focuses on lots of plants with meat, olive oil, and dairy products. Fishes that are high in omega-3 fatty acids offer various health benefits to this traditional diet. You can get a glass bottle and drink from them to ensure you get an adequate amount of water.

Skip: although food items such as baklava and spanakopita are filled with healthy ingredients, the butter pastry offers quite a bit of carb. The typical entrée-sized portion of the spanakopita comes with excessive saturated fat as a bacon cheeseburger. It would be better and great to opt for a phyllo-less version of the spanakopita as it will be a healthier option and switch the baklava with some honey-sweetened Greek yogurt as dessert.


Rye: vegetables do not play a significant role. Scandinavian foods still come with various health benefits. Additionally, with plenty of omega-3 fish, rye bread is a staple of this diet of Sweden. Whole-wheat bread is known for its health benefits, but whole-grain rye flour is as impressive. Rye is filled with fiber, and the strong flavor loaves are known for keeping people fill longer than the traditional bread. You can opt for using a rye sandwich as a fiber-rich alternative for white bread.

Skip: if you are at risk of hypertension, you should eat a diet that contains less potassium. Traditional foods of the Nordics, such as smoked salmon, have high levels of salts. You can opt for making smoked fish in your home; it will still be tasty and help you keep the sodium levels in check.


Wine: you can have a glass of wine, but you should be moderate. According to research, moderate consumption of wine, such as one glass per day for women and two for men, can help us to increase longevity and reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases. However, you should ensure that you stick to the wine with meals as drinking outside the mealtime can cause heart diseases. You can get swing top bottles wholesale and drink water from them as it can help you get appropriate water intake.

Skip: pasta. A pasta diet will increase the chances of high blood glucose and cardiovascular risks. You can opt for giving your Italian night a healthy makeover by subbing spaghetti squash for noodles and adding some vegetable sauce.


Loving lunch: traditional culture of Mexico comes with an almuerzo and mid-day feast with the largest meal of the day. According to research, the body is less productive with insulin during nighttime. For this reason, rating late in the day can cause weight gain. Having a large amount of food during the day can help us curb hunger, which will help us eat less during the night.

Skip: beans come with the superfood title due to the high levels of fiber, protein, and vitamins. But frying them in oil will increase the calories to a significant extent. It would be good if you opted for dried or low sodium beans for healthy meals.

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These are the best practices throughout the world that you can take and implement for your diet. Eating food can help you moderately, and loving your food will offer you satisfaction, stay healthy, and work out to reduce potential health conditions.

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