What are the Best Winning Strategies on Baccarat?

Baccarat is undoubtedly one of the highest paying board games that make people rich; this is visible to the blind and audible even to the deaf. But why then do you keep losing? What exactly are you missing out on? Worry no more, we may not have the answers to those questions, but we have the solutions. We will share the best winning strategies on บาคาร่า that have made millions of people wealthy over time. Just sit back and be open-minded.

  1. Learn the rules of the game

Learning the basics of baccarat is one essential strategy of winning. As much as it might be tempting to jump right into staking and making more money after watching and learning a few baccarats moves, you must refrain from doing that and control yourself. Mastering these rules is the first step in getting the winning strategies in baccarat.

2.    Proper Risk management

Your main motive as a professional บาคาร่า player should first be you ‘not losing what you have’ and then making more with what you have. Avoid ‘All-In’ gambling. You should never stake more than 30% of your total betting capital in a single hand. This means if your total betting capital is $100, you are expected to stake $33 or less per hand on the baccarat table. You need to learn how to spread. This will help you minimize your loss if you lose at all.

3.     Pray for luck

Every professional baccarat player knows that luck is the principal of every baccarat game. In finding the best winning strategy for your baccarat games, you need to understand that luck is a game decider no matter how good you are.  It overrides your skills and expertise. Even the best players lose woefully when lady luck isn’t on their side. So as much as you believe in your skills, you need always to hope luck follows you, and on occasions when luck doesn’t fall on your side after two or three hands of baccarat game, you should pull out and try some other time again to avoid recording a fatal loss.

4.    Don’t take a tie bet

A tie is the third-best after a Banker and a Player in baccarat. However, your chances of ever coming up with a tie are less than 10%, and it only offers you 14units of every 100 you wager on a baccarat table. It is never advisable except if you wouldn’t mind losing a whole lot of your money. 

5.    Bet First on the Banker

Your first wager should always be on the Banker when you come to the baccarat gaming table. The Banker always carries the house edge, which is how a casino makes its money. The chances of a banker winning the first hand on a baccarat table is slightly above %50. This is a good number, to begin with.

6.    Follow the winning streak

The consistent winner in a baccarat game is who you should bet on. If the Banker keeps winning, keep betting on the Banker till losses, and if the player keeps winning, keep betting on the player till losses. This is just being smart and being safe at the same time.

7.    Observe after a loss and switch sides

In the baccarat game, there is no room for undue loyalty. Your only motive is to win. Whenever a streak gets broken by the other side, immediately switch to the other side and place your bet on that other side. For instance, if Banker has had the winning streak on a baccarat table and suddenly the streak gets broken, and the player wins, immediately place your bets on the player.

The baccarat game is fun and can be won using the right strategy and winning tips, just like the ones listed above. Once these strategies are mastered, then you are up to winning ways. Now that you have all you need, master the strategy and keep winning. Good luck!!! 

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