What is a White Label Solution?

There is always high opposition revolving around the saturated market products and solutions. It becomes harder for brands to come up with something innovative and new and stand out from the crowd. A white label wallet can become your next solution if you have been examining how to open your company or boost the growth and sales of the present one. Currently, you do not need to have special skills or expertise in some areas. All you need is to buy a product or a solution from a white label supplier and get your money. How can you accomplish it? What is White Label? Find all the answers here in the article.

What is a White Label Solution?

You can hear this jargon from many drop shippers and sellers. White label solution suggests the removal of the brand name and logo from the end service or product. Companies use this kind of a solution to rebrand and re-sell something of “their” own to customers.

Certainly, the range and recognition of digital banking are broadening every day, since more and more people come to a knowledge of what the future of sales will look like.

How does it work? Think about a company that looks like a massive supplier of certain products. Because there is a myriad of white label solutions all around us in the United States of America, we need to not even look elsewhere than overseas. For example, white label hangover strip supplier will sell you a finished product and you can just put your cool brand name over it and sell it as your own. Another good example, Amazon is a provider of products for various private agencies and sellers, who then re-sell these same products on their behalf to the client.

Yet, White Labeling is not about drastic changes. It means that you can’t alter the packaging or touch and re-make the product in your way. It is way simple than that. You place an order and ship it under your brand’s label. And thanks to the FinTech solution you become a genuine reseller. That’s the key concept.

Why would an agency want a White Label FinTech platform?

Better focus on what you are good at

Whether you run a reputable business or just own a conventional company, you similarly battle with administration mistakes. There are a lot of things to consider and so many endeavors to make including social media, sites, branding, advertising, and shipping. Apart from that, you need to monitor each of your client’s wants, needs, and requirements. The following step that comes in the selling of products or services is the payment. Here you have to manage currency exchange, IBAN payments, e-wallets, financial accounts, etc.

While you can be performing your job, a wise White Label FinTech platform can assist you to focus on tasks of your interest with no interruption by doing all the repetitive daily tasks. Crassula can take control of all the banking matters, while automatically unburdening you of all the card issuing and management procedures.

All banking accounts are multi-currency, work for private, business customers and licensed banks via API, web, and smartphone interfaces. Having such a platform by your side means overcoming technical issues and complexities and discharging yourself from work you aren’t proficient at in such a way that would allow you to allocate your time and sources more strategically.

Strong partnerships grounded in common values and goals

Charlie Riley, VP of Growth, Havoc Shield thinks that one more way white labeling fintech solutions can improve business is if you utilize the channel approach to broadening your sales organization. Some network companions can want to white label your product in exchange for their market penetration and trust built with customers.

If you have a small sales group or restricted budget to spend on acquisition, white labeling with recognized companions can deliver a dependable revenue stream and a wider circulation model and salesforce for your company. As a cybersecurity software platform concentrated on economic services, Havoc Shield has been able to broaden and grow through the selective use of white labeling the product with specific companions who have the distribution and exposure to provide a win-win for both parties.

More products and customers

White-label fintech platforms enable you to attract new clients and enhance their retention. You don’t have to create products or come up with solutions on your own, considering your rebranding white label opportunities. From now on, you can add unlimited services to your customers, which will ultimately end up in a bigger variety of shopping baskets. The more solutions or products you provide, the more prospective income stream you get.

And this is something that a traditional seller would typically lack. The variety of choices that you are given thanks to white label partnerships enables you to increase the scope of your present services and even earn a greater level of commitment from your clients. After all, you do not aim to own a one-stock store, but a full-service company that can satisfy all the clients’ expectations and demands. And white label gives you such a golden chance.


We can continuously talk about the benefits you will get after turning to white labeling in your company. But one thing is certain for now: the faster you do it, the higher your possibilities of growing a full-fledged start-up strategy.

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