What job can I do if I have dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a relatively common learning disorder. People living with dyslexia often struggle with reading and identifying speech sounds. Basically, dyslexia affects the part of the brain that processes language. Sometimes, it’s called a reading disability.

While having dyslexia can present challenges to job seekers with the disorder, that doesn’t make finding employment impossible. Far from it. Even some of Hollywood’s most famous actors have dyslexia and their job roles involve copious amounts of reading and rely a lot on language.

This article is going to focus on just some of the jobs in the Australian workforce that would suit people living with dyslexia. With some research of your own, you will soon discover there are many, many jobs for dyslexics in this country.

Let’s now take a look at just some of the jobs you could aspire to or apply for.

Creative Job Roles

People with dyslexia are often naturally drawn to creative activities and there are numerous jobs that involve creativity up for grabs. Creative job opportunities include photography, video production, graphic design, infographics, fashion design, make up artist, drama and acting, landscape architect, video game designer, illustrator, musician and so many more creative job roles.

Because dyslexia is a language disorder, not all dyslexics can write or have a love for writing. However, if you’re one of the ones who are adept at the written word, there is always a demand for written content. This could be blog posting, creating social media posts, writing the content for websites, business brochures, sales material and the list goes on.

If you have dyslexia and a creative streak, consider jobs and careers that involve creativity.

Working In Construction

Many dyslexics have forged successful careers in the building and construction industry. Once again, there are numerous job positions in this field. You could become a carpenter, a plumber, electrician or electrical engineer, a painter, tiler, or even an architect.

Construction is mostly about hands-on work, something that is well suited to someone who lives with dyslexia. If you enjoy working with your hands, then the construction industry might be for you.

Hospitality Provides Opportunities For Dyslexics

This is a good industry to get involved in if you enjoy being busy and don’t mind being on your feet and on the go for most of your shift. Hospitality is an industry that’s always in high demand and is also one of the easiest industries to find work.

Whether you decide to do work as a waiter or as a bartender, find work within a hotel environment, or are busy out back working as a kitchenhand or a chef, there are many opportunities in the hospitality arena.

Another advantage of hospitality work is it’s rarely ever boring. There is also the opportunity to earn tips to supplement your income and if you decide to travel or move to another location, finding new work is relatively easy. 

Sales Positions

Many sales jobs don’t require previous experience and you don’t necessarily need any qualifications to work in a sales position. Dyslexia usually won’t hamper your sales career and if you enjoy meeting new people and helping them, working in any type of sales role will prove rewarding.

Selling real estate (always popular in Australia) is one key area of sales you could consider. Retail sales positions are literally everywhere you look in this country. There is even the option of doing sales over the phone or as an online marketer.

Many sales jobs offer added financial incentives too, so if you’re good at it, the industry can be very lucrative.

Jobs In Healthcare

Many Aussies with dyslexia work in healthcare in Australia. Once again, there are numerous different roles and careers you can target in this broad industry. Obviously, there are doctors and nurses, but there are also many other healthcare careers such as working as a pathologist, physiotherapist, radiologist, pharmacist or pharmacy assistant, a medical administrator and numerous other job titles.

Healthcare is an industry that offers career advancement opportunities and a comfortable lifestyle.

In Conclusion

Having dyslexia doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find a job you’re good at. In fact, the opposite is true. There are work opportunities for dyslexics almost everywhere you look, so have faith that you will get the job you want.

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