What Sport Is More Profitable For Betting

When it comes to the most profitable sport for betting, there isn’t a straight answer to this question. Every bettor has a different opinion when it comes to betting on sports, and its profitability at the end of the day is based on knowledge and luck.

However, some sports offer better odds than others, as well as wagering choices that allow bettors more freedom when it comes to winning some money. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be more profitable if you start betting on sports with better odds. 

It will just increase your chances of making a profit, and it is always a better idea to stick with a sport that you are familiar with no matter the options you get from the bookmaker.

Let’s go through the list and find out which sport is more profitable for betting. Check out TwinSpires sports betting to find a complete list of sports to bet, that includes all the ones below and more. 

American Football

The NFL is the most popular sport when it comes to betting in the United States, and this trend continues to spread all across the world. The wider acceptance of American football has a lot to do with the entertainment of each game, as well as the great betting choices that allow bettors to earn more money.

Back in 2015, the American Gaming Association estimated that around $93 billion was going to be wagered on professional and college football within a year, and since then, the number has doubled.

The main reason why football is more profitable than other sports is due to the power of the favorite team. There isn’t huge fluctuation in the outcome of the game, and favorites don’t lose as often as other sports.

Another reason why it is more profitable lies in the fact that the NFL is a popular sport to bet on, which results in tons of free information that can help you create a winning strategy.


So, let’s talk about the most popular sport worldwide, and see why it is the main betting choice for the majority of bettors.

The first reason why soccer is profitable is because of the betting choices provided by the bookmakers. You can bet on anything you want which allows you to create your unique betting strategy and maximize your profits.

Soccer might not have the best odds compared to other sports, but it is definitely the biggest sport in terms of matches played per year. This allows you more freedom and options to bet on.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world that dates back to Ancient Greece at the Olympic Games. Since then, the sport has changed a lot and it is the main choice for bettors, which is weird since it is not as popular in terms of watching the event as other pro-sports.

In the United States horse racing is 3rd most popular sport for betting, and 17th in terms of watch time. The situation is similar in the United Kingdom being the 2nd most popular sport in the country.

The main reason why horse racing is so popular for bettors is because of the impressive odds that are much bigger compared to other sports. Bookmakers allow bigger odds just because horse racing is much more unpredictable than other sports.

However, if you do your research and come up with a winning betting strategy, you’ll quickly learn how to take advantage of the higher payouts.


Boxing has always been a popular sport for betting, and over the years it developed new opportunities for bettors allowing them to earn more money with higher odds and more betting choices. 

The main reason why boxing is so profitable is that there aren’t many different outcomes in a boxing match. This limits your decisions and a higher chance of winning some money.


Even though tennis isn’t the most popular sport in the United States, it is a serious contender for winning some big money. The best thing about tennis is its impressive odds even when favorites are playing. 

Tennis takes place year-round, which means that you’ll have plenty of betting opportunities to make some extra cash.

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