What to Look for When Buying A Bottle Steriliser

Bottle sterilizer refers to any device that can be used to sterilize bottles, whether they are being used for breast milk or formula. There are a lot of different machines that can be used to sterilize bottles, but the standard ones fall under two categories: steam sterilisation and microwave sterilization. Produce, as well as people’s resulting products, have to go through some sort of process for it to be safe for consumption. This process is usually done by steam or microwaves.

Factors to consider when buying a bottle sterilizer

  1. Capacity

To determine the capacity of a bottle steriliser, you have to look at the size of your bottles and at how much formula you are melting. For example, if you are using a formula that is less than 120ml, then a smaller capacity would be ideal. If you are using baby bottles that hold more than 120mls of fluid, then it would be better to get a machine with more capacity. However, if your baby bottle has a capacity of 130-140mls, then you would be better off looking at a machine with less capacity.


  1. Type of bottles

Some people may like thermo-top bottles, while some may prefer the sterilizer container instead. The Thermo top bottle works by heating the milk without needing any electricity. It also makes it possible for the formula to remain hot in the bottle until it is time to feed the baby. In addition, you do not need to worry about the formula being contaminated when it comes out.

  1. Type of capacity

If you choose a steam sterilizer, then the bottle steriliser may have to be placed on a stove for an hour. If you want the baby to feed from it immediately after it is done, then microwave sterilizers are the best choice. In addition, if you live in the countryside and do not have access to electricity all day long, you would be better off using filter bags instead of microwaves.

  1. Price

When it comes to price, you can get a bottle sterilizer at any price range. However, you are advised to get one within your budget. The last thing that you want is to buy a bottle sterilizer and find yourself not using it because of the price. In addition, if you do not have the money to buy a high-priced machine right now, then consider saving up and getting one later on.

bottle sterilizer price

  1. Ease of use

As soon as you get a bottle sterilizer, it is important to know how it works. Some people wish to use their machine, while others find it easier to buy pre-made ones. If you are a beginner, then consider getting one of the sterilizers that require minimum effort. One of the best ways to know how much effort is required is by reading customer reviews.

  1. Safety feature

You need to make every attempt you can make to ensure that your baby does not consume any contaminated product. To do this, you need a bottle sterilizer that has a timer for its running time, as well as an automatic shut-off when the cycle is complete. These are some of the important features that you should look at when purchasing a bottle sterilizer.

If you are serious about baby nourishment and want to get the best bottle sterilizer that is uniquely designed to allow you the best results, then purchase an electric or steam bottle sterilizer. These machines are specifically engineered to give you the utmost satisfaction. Aside from the fact that they make baby food a dream come true for your kids, they are also quite safe for baby food preparation.

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