What You Need to Do to Establish Yourself as a Successful Instagram Influencer

In a world where a big part of our lives happens on social media, influencers have become a huge thing. Today Instagram influencers form a large community around the world, offering a new effective and creative form of marketing. With many young people dreaming to become one and taking advantage of the possibilities of Instagram to bring them profit, this community isn’t likely to cease to grow any time soon. 


But how do you become an Instagram influencer? Why are some people extremely popular, while others that do similar things aren’t? Why do some incredibly talented people who post great content never manage to become popular, while others that don’t seem to have any talent at all, get thousands of reactions and comments on everything they post?

While it is probably impossible to find the definitive answer to these questions, there are some steps you can take to make sure that you get off to a good start if you want to become an influencer.

Aim for Quality Followers

You probably think that in the world of influencers, it’s all about the numbers. The more people you reach, the more followers you can get. The numbers determine your popularity and ensure more engagement, which means more brands may hire you. And this ultimately translates into profit. But things aren’t as simple as that and sometimes a large number of followers isn’t enough. Instead, you should focus on real social media engagement. 

Because of this common misconception individuals and companies who are trying to build successful profiles often pay for various ways to grow their communities. For instance, many opt to buy Instagram followers, in the hopes of gaining the kind of popularity that helps you make a lot of money. This not only won’t help you become an influencer but it may even harm the reputation you are trying to build. 

However, investing money in getting more followers isn’t a bad idea. Choosing a topic that you are truly interested in to focus on, finding an authentic way to approach it, and sharing valuable content may not be enough to build a community that is large enough to turn into an influencer.

However, if you are paying to get followers, find professionals who will help you get quality followers. Unlike the fake followers, you can easily buy these days, real and relevant ones will truly interact with your content. This is the essence of being an influencer. 

Use Your Authentic Voice

A personal and unique brand is crucial for successful influencers. In the world many people know how to paint, sing, put make-up on, understand fashion, etc., but doing something that many before you have been doing, imitating, or stealing ideas will ruin your chances to gain loyal Instagram followers.

We often hear how there isn’t anything truly new under the sun. Everything has already been said or done by someone before us. And yet, the world is full of people finding ways to be original. Even the best writers in the world never tell an entirely original story. But the reason some of them become so popular is that they find their authentic voice and use it.

As individuals, we, ourselves, are original. And to be a successful influencer, you need to tap into this originality, find your authentic voice and bravely put it into your content and show it to the world. Be yourself, embrace your style, use your potential to the fullest. Not everyone can do it but those who can, are the ones that can become successful influencers.

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Find Your Niche

People become influencers for two main reasons. Some are in it for popularity and making a profit is a welcomed result, whereas others are primarily motivated by making money. Whatever your reason is, finding your niche, that is a specific topic of interest, is crucial for success. While some are more popular than others, however, choosing yours purely on profitability can be a really bad idea. 

Instead, you should stay true to your own ideas, values, talents, interests, knowledge. As an example, if you aren’t an athlete or a sports enthusiast, don’t try to create content about sports, however many followers you may think it can get you.


For some lucky people becoming popular on Instagram can happen accidentally and overnight. They may have some incredible skills, they may be naturally charming, they may be very funny, creative, very knowledgeable on some subject. For most, however, gaining a large number of quality followers, and turning a profit using Instagram, takes time and a lot of effort. While it isn’t easy to define what can make you a successful influencer, you can take these steps to give yourself a better chance. 

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