What’s an ideal POS system for a cell phone repair business?

Do you want to grow your cell phone repair business? Or are you still figuring out where you’re going to get the time for this?

Getting the business on its own footings is the first and foremost goal for many repair store owners. 

There are many business operations that your repair store can use some automation to get efficient. Plus, this also puts you, as a repair store owner, right into the perfect spot.

You get complete visibility to the operations of your store, right out of a single screen. 

The most crucial benefit automation offers is catalyzing operational management. Every operation smoothly transitions into the next one — just the way you want to run it!

Therefore, the ideal POS (point of sale) System for any cell phone repair business should incorporate this aforementioned core quality. And then some. 

There is a list of features a cell phone repair shop POS software must have.

So let’s get right into it.

What’s a POS System?

A point of sale system is a software and/or hardware solution to all the operations you were previously handling manually. The POS software facilitates a repair store by automating the operations of businesses.

In our case, make sure that the POS system you integrate your store with is relevant to the repair industry. There are many off-the-shelf POS systems, but they offer limited solutions that don’t really cater to all the needs of any particular industry. 

Get yourself a repair shop management software that can easily handle your day-to-day tasks. So you can focus on growing your business. Without having to scratch your head over having to manually run the operations. 

Easily avoid the toll manual work brings.You will find reputed repair stores like Mr Again are already using this system. 

In addition to operations automation, there are more advantages of integrating a POS system with your store. Following is a list of features that a cell phone repair shop POS software must have:

Inventory Management 

A POS software is ideal to help you keep track of your inventory items. It allows you to seamlessly manage your stocks in real-time, and also keeps you updated on the items that require restocking.

Moreover, you can also find out your best-selling products and how much is the weekly/monthly usage so you can easily maintain it. Moreover, you can also find out which of your inventory items are slow selling. Easily maintain each accordingly. 

This very automation technique allows for a less-stressed approach towards business growth.

One of the major advantages of a POS software handling your inventory is no more manually tracking stocks, the automation does this for you!

Moreover, you can scan to add new inventory items. Just create a product in your inventory catalog and let the scanner do its magic. Easily remove the tediousness of repetition from this task for yourself and your employees. 

Another advantage a repair shop management software offers is that you can restock your inventory items with multiple variants, and in a serialized manner. Meaning, you get complete visibility to your inventory. No more need to manually update your stocks.

This approach saves time and also reduces the chances of errors. In contrast, you’ll be more prone to making such mistakes while manually managing your inventory.

Invoices & Tickets 

A cell phone repair shop POS software gets things rolling like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It generates your tickets in such a systematic manner that the efficiency is magical. 

You can easily track all your invoices and find out your top services. Also understand which are generating more profits than others.

Easily find the total sales figures on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. All with a single click, more convenience to you, isn’t it? 

Contrary to old school manual entries using spreadsheets, it is easy to create multiple categories of products and get their relevant invoices, for better management. Plus, it becomes much easier to calculate the profitability.


You can use these following categories of invoices: sales, expenses, repairs, refurbishes etc.

Moreover, you can customize your invoices to display certain information of buyers, your products and the sale transaction. These can include the total amount and the tax breakdowns.

By using automation techniques to perform these steps, you save a lot of your time and enhance the store’s efficiency levels. Getting yourself a repair shop management software will allow you to take full advantage of a POS system.

Payment & Checkout

Getting yourself a POS system can help with reducing the queues at your checkout counter. And also helps run the process along smoothly.

So a customer walks into your store to get their repair order. If you’ve created the ticket, your employee can generate an invoice with a few clicks.

Whereas, in case you have a walk-in customer going for an upfront total payment, the POS system generates an instant invoice. Saving your customer time and improving their experience in the process.

Get a POS system with a Customer Facing Display (CFD) and take all the positive reviews from your customers, on the spot. You can also display ads and offers, with discounts on clubbing multiple products together. Therefore, getting another upselling technique to grow your sales and revenues.

You can also introduce a self-checkout process where customers buy off-the-shelf products and accessories, and can automatically pay themselves out. This reduces the workload of your employees by manifold.

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Additionally, when you generate an invoice from your POS system, you can have it set to automatically send it to the customer via email or SMS.

An ideal POS system should accept all forms of payment methods. So all your customers are taken care of. Be it cash, credit or debit card payments.

In essence, a POS system saves time for consumers and your employees.

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