When Can I File My Taxes Online?

As a regular taxpayer, we all have questioned ourselves, when can I file my taxes online?  If you prefer E-filing, knowing its proper procedure, deadline, and ins and outs becomes the first step to take.  Certainly, with every passing year there is a definitive change or an upgrade in the online system of tax filing and its related quarries. Therefore it becomes pivotal to know its exact filling procedure online to keep out fraudulent activities. Not to mention E-filing brings many perks including protected identity, quick filing, and ease of use.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, the tax session of 2022 will take its initial start from January 24, 2022 and receive/process the 2021 tax returns.  For online tax filers, the tax will pass on to the IRS no sooner than the next tax season takes place, on an automatic basis.

There are assisting online software with user-friendly tools for filing taxes. Moreover, you get the privilege to opt for the minimum amount to pay! Mainly, IRS free file partners is a standout name among few that welcomes the tax filers in early December. Let’s talk a bit more about common quarries that as a tax filer you shouldn’t overlook.

Tax Filing Deadline

If you are paying out the tax through an online medium, the last date for 2022 arguably, April 18. To make File My Taxes Online even way easier and swift, the IRS does offer you helpful information followed by the tools. You can also select the direct deposit to receive your fund, it is recommended! In this way you keep your sensitive information intact and safe, additionally the refund is received in the fastest possible time. Mostly, the returns will get their refunds within the course of 21 days. If you want to file taxes sooner than everybody, don’t delay to opt for Jan 24, 2022, and get your refund back. 

To be an efficient taxpayer, here are a few golden TIPS for the 2022 E-filing of tax.

  •         Always have all the tax documents, papers, and information you need to imitate online tax filing.
  •         Make sure to sign up for ‘Direct Deposit’ for the fastest tax refund.
  •         Don’t move forward unless you’re clear about the steps. Ask questions regarding any concerns you have. Remember that e-filing is a process and if you’re new to it, take guidance.

In Case You Haven’t Received Your W-2 Form

Do you have all your E-filing tax documents in hand but not W-2? If that is the case, you should immediately follow these steps.

Check out Email

Contact your employer and check out when they put it in the mail.  If the mailing details are not accurate, the problem is likely to occur. After correcting the mail, wait for some time for W-2 arrival.

Talk to IRS

If even after February 14 you didn’t get a W-2, you should call (800-829-1040) the IRS for one-on-one guidance or queries. Take your accurate name, address, social security number, and phone number in front of you while making a call to the IRS. With that also have your employer’s name, address, phone number, employment date, the estimated wages earned from them during the year, and the federal income tax withheld.

Return Your File

Usually, if you haven’t got the W-2 tax it is because the IRS is anticipating you to file by the date of April 18 and if not you must already have requested an extension. And after that, you can opt for the Form 4852 Substitute for Form W-2, Wage, and Tax Statement. You must attach this form to your tax return. The whole process may take some time and your refund is likely to get delayed because the IRS has to make sure verification and authentication of your provided information.

And if you’ve gotten your W-2 form after the filing of your taxes, remember to edit your return by filing Form 1040X Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return.

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