Which Factors to Consider While Buying a Laptop for Investment Banking?

Investment banking usually refers to financial services firms or companies related to the production of capital for other businesses, corporations, firms, industries, individuals, and governments. It is their job to manage the money of investors by issuing stocks, floating bonds, and many other things.

Along with these works, investment bankers also tend to raise funds, build financial models, and manage transactions. For these purposes, they will need a powerful machine/laptop to help them work smoothly without any glitches and stress.

Below we will explain some significant features which have to be in your mind before purchasing the best laptops for investment banking.

  1. RAM

RAM refers to the Random access memory of the laptop used to store the data and machine codes. RAM is an incredibly vital part of a laptop that should be considered carefully before buying it. However, selecting a laptop with adequate RAM depends upon your work and the amount of research you do. Simply, if you open many tabs at a time, you will need to have a bigger RAM compared to when you are looking for a few stocks. Thus, the 4GB RAM can still be sufficient enough to perform actions but we recommend the 16GB of RAM as the best laptop for investors.

  1. Processor

The processor is the main component of a laptop since it instructs the computer to perform a given task. The more powerful the processor is, the smoother and faster your system will perform the task. For financial services companies, you need an updated and powerful CPU in your machine to help your computer work effectively. You should prioritize the multicore processor for better online activity. Simply put, Intel corporation’s Core i7-6700K has a 4.0GHz speed and would be a good choice.

  1. Graphics Processing Unit(GPU)

Graphics cards perform the work of altering the memory data in visual video and images. So, you need to have a laptop with a suitable GPU that allows your laptop to show things clearly. Thus, we recommend the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card perfect for investment bankers.

  1. Hard disk

It is a non-removable magnetic disk that stores a large amount of data. For banking work, you need to buy a laptop that has a hard disk that can store tonnes of data easily. So, a 1TB storage space is sufficient for bigger tasks, however, for individual users, we recommend buying a laptop with a storage capacity of around 200GB. So you will be able to store a lot of stocks, data of users, banking details, and much more.

  1. Laptop operating system

OS manages the software, hardware, and other resources of a computer. It plays an important role in performing tasks on your PC. Many operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Linux, Unix, and Macintosh are available. The best software among all of these is Windows, as it facilitates easy access to different programs and is the easiest to use. The latest version of Windows i.e Windows 10 comes with extra features so install it on your laptop and start working without any hesitation.

It depends on your choice of OS as many like Windows, while some prefer iOS due to its great digital ecosystem.

  1. Battery life

Along with the above-mentioned factors, battery performance is also important for continuous work. Always try to choose a laptop with a battery backup of almost ten hours without being connected to a charger. This way you will perform your tasks consistently without electricity interruption. Because the investment bankers perform multi-task at a time while opening numerous tabs on laptops along with an internet connection. So all this work will require a laptop whose battery is long-lasting.

  1. Size of the screen.

The display size should be suitable enough to make many tabs visible at a time. Since investment banking is a multitasking process so wider display helps users to see a lot of information at once. Therefore, laptops with a broader display are considered among the best laptops for investors.

  1. Weight.

The weight of your laptop may not directly affect your work, however, lightweight laptops weighing around 3 pounds will make traveling around town more comfortable. Because investment bankers have to travel with the client for debt or equity as well as for monitoring cross-border transactions. For this work, they need a lighter laptop that can give them comfort during their journey.

  1. Price of a Laptop.

Price matters a lot before buying a laptop and this is the point where many buyers get stuck but there are institutions online that offer financing, you just have to look for the best laptop payment plans.

Investment bankers are concerned with value for money, yet it is difficult for them to select a laptop at a cheap price and with high quality. The average price of a laptop for investment banking purposes is approximately $700-1000. At this price bracket, you should buy a laptop with a powerful CPU, quality GPU, enhanced battery life, better screen-to-body ratio, and many more.


We have discussed major characteristics to analyze while concluding any Laptop for investment banking. All aspects contribute to the adequate selection of a laptop.  However, among them we should recognize the extensively crucial: without them, laptops will be worse and it will ruin investment banking work. These components are Processors, RAM, GPU, and battery.

A laptop with influential processors and bigger RAM will work smoothly with tremendous storage space.

Overall, investment bankers prefer a laptop that should settle on their intention more smartly.

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