Why are brushless DC motors used in electric scooters?

Brushless DC motors (BLDC) are becoming more and more popular in various applications, particularly in the field of motor control technology. Also, many motor manufacturers have concentrated on this technology. No doubt, BLDC motors are superior to brushed DC motors, including their capacity for high speeds, high levels of efficiency, and greater heat dissipation. If you are looking for an electric scooter wholesale distributor at a very reasonable price then you can choose Fidico. They have a wide range of quality e-scooter collections. More about them are in the author bio section.

BLDC Motor

They are a crucial component of contemporary drive technology. And they are frequently used to actuate motors, machine tools, electric propulsion, robotics, computer peripherals, and electrical power generation. These motors are now so efficient in terms of the cost, size, and dependability of the entire system. All thanks to the development of senseless technology in addition to digital control.

Benefits of using BLDC in Electric scooters

  1. Commutator and brushes are not required with BLDC motors; instead, an electronic servo mechanism is used. To produce a torque in one direction, an electronic sensor measures the angle of the motor and controls semiconductor switches. Such as transistors, switch current through the windings, either reversing the direction of the current or, in some motors. This turns it off, at the proper time for each 180° shaft rotation. Brushless motors have less friction and a longer lifespan. The reason is the removal of the sliding contact. The lifespan of their bearings is the only factor limiting their operational life.
  2. The maximum torque produced by brushed DC motors occurs at rest and linearly decreases with increasing velocity. Brushless motors have advantages over brushed motors, such as improved efficiency and lesser sensitivity to mechanical wear. These advantages come at the expense of control electronics that could be less reliable, more complicated, and more expensive.

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  1. A basic brushless motor includes permanent magnets that revolve around a stationary  armature, which solves the issues with powering the moving armature. The brushed DC motor’s brush/commutator assembly, which alternately shifts the phase to the windings to keep the motor moving, is replaced by an electronic controller. Instead of using a brush/commutator system, the controller uses a solid-state circuit to conduct equivalent timed power distribution.
  2. In comparison to brushed DC motors, brushless motors have a number of benefits, including a high torque to weight ratio, greater torque per watt (increased efficiency), increased reliability, decreased noise, a longer lifespan (no brush and commutator erosion, and a general decrease electromagnetic interference (EMI). Because the rotor has no windings, it is not susceptible to centrifugal forces. Additionally, because the windings are supported by the housing, they can be cooled by conduction without the need for airflow inside the motor. As a result, the internals of the motor can be completely covered and shielded from debris or other foreign objects.
  3. It is possible to implement brushless motor commutation in software using a microcontroller or microprocessor, as well as in analog hardware or digital firmware using an FPGA. Electronic commutation, as opposed to brush commutation, offers greater flexibility and capabilities, such as speed restriction, “micro stepped” operation for slow and/or fine motion control, and a holding torque when stationary, which is not possible with brushed DC motors. For higher commutation efficiency, controller software can be tailored to the particular motor being utilized in the application. 

Advantages of BLDC motor over DC Motor with Brushes

In general, brushless motors are faster and more powerful than conventional brushed motors, and they also make less noise. Additionally, they operate more effectively and suffer from less or no power loss than brushed motors, which can be an issue because the brushes produce friction. BLDC motors have reportedly achieved efficiency margins of 85 to 90 percent, which is higher than the range for conventional brushed motors, which is 75 to 80 percent.

Additionally, brushless DC motors always features electrical commutate, which implies that a control system regulates the motor. This function enables the three-phase BLDC motor to change speeds to varying degrees as well as fast accelerate and decelerate, allowing for the most productive use of power and output. In addition to being lighter than brushed motors on average, BLDC motors may deliver comparable power outputs. The brushless DC motor is an obvious option that you can utilize in numerous applications across a variety of industries since it has the capacity to deliver high-speed performance and efficient operation, including:

  • Air conditioning, ventilation, and heating
  • Electric automobiles
  • Pumps
  • Laboratory apparatus

Disadvantages of Brushless motor:

  1. Price: The cost of motors rises as a result of rare-earth permanent magnets being significantly more expensive than other permanent magnets.
  2. A small constant power range: For a vehicle to operate efficiently, a big constant power range is essential. A permanent magnet brushless DC motor cannot operate at a maximum speed that is higher than twice its base speed.
  3. Safety: The massive rare earth permanent magnets used in the motor’s construction could be hazardous because they have a tendency to draw stray metal objects together. High voltages will occur at the motor terminals in the event of a car crash if the wheels spin freely and the motor is still get power by permanent magnets. This could put passengers or rescuers in risk.
  4. Magnet demagnetization: A strong reverse magnetomotive force and high temperature can demagnetize a permanent magnet. Each permanent magnet material has a unique critical demagnetization force. When cooling the motor, you must be careful, especially if the motor is small.
  5.   High-speed performance: The mechanical strength of the arrangement between the rotor yoke and the permanent magnets prevents surface-mounted motors from operating at high speeds.


In summary, brushless DC motors have a number of benefits over conventional brushed DC motors, including minimal maintenance costs and fewer frequent maintenance requirements. Additionally, they are small in size and offer tremendous torque together with better economy and speed control. However, when we use electronic control, it also has certain drawbacks including increased cost, resonance problems, and complicated wiring configuration.

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