Why is Your House Facing a Termite Infestation, and How to Deal With it?

Pest problems may not be uncommon to households, but unwanted and dangerous guests always call for trouble. So it is better to keep them away from you and your house. Of the various species, termites tend to be one of the main concerns. Their common varieties include dry wood, damp wood and others. These termites live in the woods and feed on them. Another type is subterranean termites, which stay underground and only emerge to eat wood and then retreat to their place. All these make large colonies. Their presence in your house can be a matter of headache and stress.

You may still wonder what brings them there when you regularly clean your house. While cleanliness is a good practice, some factors can still attract these nasty pests to your property.

Wet conditions

Weak plumbing or air circulation can lead to moisture problems in the house, creating a perfect environment for termites like Subterranean and Dampwood.

Cracked house exteriors

Did you notice any fissure or gap in the siding or foundation? Even poorly sealed windows and doors can attract them to swarm your home and build colonies.

Roofing issues

If low-hanging tree branches are there on the roof, termites can find an easy passage to enter your house. With this, clogged gutters can be another area for them. They can use these areas to enter and infest your home quickly.

Basement issues

Unfinished cellars or basement can be the perfect target for termite growth. Since they remain wet and contain wood structures for support, termites can easily invade them. If you allow them to grow there, the risk of damage to the foundation of your house will increase.

How do you know termite is there on your property?

One of the most common things to notice is the condition of your house’s wood or wooden furniture. Other signals can be bubbles in wood or paint, damaged picture frames, etc. If you notice damage, you must contact a local pest controller for help. It can be Elite Pest and Termite Control or other reputable agency.

Termites can cause havoc to your property’s health. That’s why it is vital to eliminate them and prevent them from invading your home. But for this, you must understand their behavior, for example, eating wood. They also feed on cellulose materials like books, carpet backing, furniture, wallpaper, drywall, etc. Some homeowners wonder if they also eat concrete. No, they don’t. So you can relax. However, it is just that they can house themselves in the crevices or gaps in the concrete surface. 

No matter what, the simple fact is pests in any shape or form can be dangerous to your house’s health and your mental peace. Some of them can be potentially harmful to physical well-being too. Hence, it is better to remove them entirely from all the corners of your house. Although a clean house will have fewer problems, you cannot still eliminate their occurrences. Only a professional service provider can do this for you while taking care of everyone’s safety.

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