Why the MacBook Isn’t as demanding as MacBook Pro Is

The MacBook Pro is among the most popular laptops released in recent years. It offers many of the same features as the older MacBook Pro, but with added capabilities that are geared toward working professionals and people who need a powerful laptop to do their job.

But what if you don’t work for the government or the military? You may want to think twice about purchasing this laptop because it lacks some of the features that other laptops offer. If you do decide to buy or Rent MacBook Pro, here are some of the benefits.

Benefits to this Touch Screen Wonder Laptop:

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Touch Bar

One of the biggest upgrades to the MacBook Pro introduced with the 2021 MacBook Pro was the option to purchase an external “touch bar” for input on the computer. This basically consists of a small touch pad that you can press on to get additional input on your screen.

This may sound like just a cosmetic difference, but the touch bar does a lot more than just input. For example, you can use the touch bar as a physical GPS device in your laptop, or even as an address book so you never have to type in your home address again. This MacBook Pro upgrade really made our jobs easier.

Wireless Network

Another benefit to the MacBook Pro’s touch bar is that it allows you to connect stuff wirelessly. This is something that wasn’t available on the older MacBook Pro models. So now you can take Bluetooth headphones and speakers along to a coffee house or library and play music or watch movies without having to carry around an extra laptop.

Although the MacBook Pro doesn’t offer a full wireless network connection, the wireless chip inside the computer can still connect to a laptop or other device using a Bluetooth adapter.


If you’re used to using the on-screen trackball on your standard laptop, you’ll be surprised at how much easier the new mac pro provides. Instead of tapping on the trackball to control your mouse, you now get a large touch sensitive area on the screen that responds to your movements.

We also found that with constant pressure, the trackball no longer skips. The new mac pro provides users with an enhanced visual experience thanks to the integrated trackball. It’s just like using a normal trackball on a desktop PC.

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Faster Processors

Even though the RAM and processor speed on the MacBook Pro isn’t as powerful as what you’d find in the average laptop, the difference is enough to notice. We easily could increase the memory from our 15-inch model to the MacBook Pro’s larger seventeen-inch model.

And the extra processing power means that the MacBook Pro will perform quicker and more efficiently than its predecessors. In fact, we’re also seeing improved battery life.

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Touch Screen

You may think that the increased size of the MacBook Pro makes it unsuitable for touch input devices, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The aluminum unibody structure of the MacBook Pro allows for full finger input, even on the newer models with the Force Touch feature.

With all of the new technologies inside of the Mac, including Force Touch, it’s definitely possible to use a real mouse on the MacBook Pro. The only limitation is really going to be the size of your hands.


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