Windows 11 Six Months After Debut Is It Worth Upgrading To?

Microsoft is one of the leading pioneers of the computer industry. And one of the company’s main products goes by the name of Windows. It’s by far the most popular and most widely used operating system for PC devices worldwide. You can do all sorts of different things on a Windows device, for example, enjoy free slots no download or registration. Recently, Microsoft introduced the newest version of this OS, which is Windows 11. 

Windows 11 is the direct successor to Windows 10. While many people all around have begun installing the Windows 11 upgrade, many others are still reluctant to do so. Well, we’re here to make a case for Windows 11. The most remarkable features of the new OS from Microsoft are:

  • Running android apps;
  • Increased safety;
  • Improved gaming experience;
  • Great interface.

Let’s talk about them in detail now.

Windows 11 is Twice as Secure as its Predecessor 

With the advent of the internet, computer viruses and malware have become a real problem for people. It’s so easy to infect one’s computer with viruses if the user isn’t careful. This is why the developers of Windows 11 have tried to make this latest Windows rendition as secure as possible. And they have succeeded in doing just that – it’s said that Windows 11 is twice as safe as its most secure predecessor. This comes at the price of performance drain, as some older computers would have a hard time running Windows 11. But still, enhanced security is not something that you should take for granted.

A More Streamlined Look 

This is not to say that Windows 10 looks terrible – but Windows 11 really shines through with a streamlined, sleek, elegant look. It’s not just about its elegance, either. The way Windows 11’s layout is designed is highly functional. You will find all the most important buttons and links immediately available at all times. In fact, the look is upgraded so that it would be hard to compare Windows 11 with any other rendition of Windows. So, Microsoft’s developers have outdone themselves in this regard. 

Running Android Apps 

The fact that you can now run Android apps on your computer if you have Windows 11 as your operating system should go a long way to convert many skeptics. Of course, since this feature is in its early days, it goes without saying that you will face some limitations in this regard. You can only download and install Android apps from the Amazon AppStore. As of the time of writing, the world-renowned Google Play store is off-limits. But still, this is a great and handy feature in its essence. 

Windows 11 for Better Gaming 

Even fans of video games have something to look forward to when installing Windows 11. Two new gaming-related features have been introduced with this operating system. The first one involves HDR color on compatible displays – for a better visual appeal of the game you’re playing. You can even automatize the triggering process for HDR for more convenience. There’s also the DirectStorage feature. This feature will significantly speed up loading times and thus enhance your gaming experience. 

The Best Time to Upgrade is Now 

If you have hesitated to upgrade to Windows 11, we hope that we have convinced you that Windows 11 has more than enough new features to ease your decision to upgrade. Of course, Microsoft Update will always be active, so you can expect tons of new features to become available as you use Windows 11. It’s really a great piece of software that can significantly improve your PC user experience. So, in our opinion, it’s definitely worth it to consider upgrading. 

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