Moving to a new place involves facing a lot of new things and experiencing some challenges related to settling in and finding ways that minimize the feeling of detachment. A few things help you feel belonging shortly at a location you recently arrived at, and being comfortable at your new place is the most important one. When people relocate or start living independently, they usually rent rather than buy a property.  So if you’re one of those looking for a one bed apartment in Dubai where to start, you arrived at the right place. 

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In this article you will find all you need to know about renting a Dubai property, from choosing the location to signing the contract. 

To make the right choice about your rent, you need to put a checklist of your requirements like how long you are planning to commit to a contract and the type of property you want, the location, the budget and this kind of details that we’ll talk about one by one. 

Long-term or a short-term apartment for rent in Dubai

First, you must decide whether you want a long-term or a short-term rental. Some people would like to have the opportunity to try living in a place for a while and see how it would reflect on their lives then make a long term commitment based on a thoughtful decision, other people might be tempted by the opportunity to have a home that offers all the requirements like utilities and bills taken care of without them worrying about anything, so they prefer short-term over long-term apartments for rent. Dubai property options for rent offer you the opportunity to rent apartments monthly or yearly just as suits you. Several short-term rentals are available on Driven Holiday Homes, listing properties of different locations and price ranges that you can check from here.

Property type 

Is what you’re looking for a villa, a studio or an apartment for rent in Dubai? And then, what is the size or the number of rooms you need to fit with your lifestyle. Having a home with enough room for each family member to have their private space is essential for a quality life and has a big influence on having a happy life so this should be thought out carefully. 


You need to decide the location, considering different factors that each can be a priority to people according to their lifestyle and requirements. You might prefer to choose a location close to your workplace and save yourself the trouble of being on the roads for a bit every day. While if you have a car or planning to have one shortly, you might prioritize having your home in a quiet neighborhood with a more homey feeling. Sometimes people would choose family-friendly districts that offer high quality educational institutes for children besides good connectivity and availability of public transportation, so there is no right or wrong here it’s only a matter of priorities. 


This might be considered one of the most important factors when choosing the property you will rent in Dubai, because it affects choosing all the other points. Our consultants can make this easier for you and consider all your requirements when nominating options that check all the boxes on your list within your budget.

Furnished or not furnished

This will also be decided according to your specific circumstances, the period of time you’re going to stay in the city, how stable your work and its location are, and things of the sort. It would be less trouble not to have a lot of things to carry with you if you’re going to be relocated in a short time, in that case a furnished apartment for rent in Dubai is a smarter choice. 

After deciding all these points you’ll have a good idea of what you need to search for, so you can browse the option available on the Dubai property portals like Driven Properties listing apartments for rent in Dubai and nominate the units that go with your criteria to choose from. You can use the filters to make your job easier and display the options similar to your search. You may then go through the images of the apartment for rent in Dubai and read the description to see how you like the unit and its amenities. You might take notice of the layout, the number of bathrooms, whether the unit has a balcony or not and any of the things that the images on the listing like the natural lighting and the view of the windows can know. 


You must now contact the community expert who listed the one bed apartment in Dubai property to book a viewing. It is always good to visit the place before signing the contract, because viewing allows you to see the actual state of the property. You can see things that might not appear in an image, like the painting for example, is it new or the place needs repainting. You can also see the lighting, electricity, air conditioner condition, plumbing and fixtures. 

You can ask the agent or the owner of the apartment you want to rent in Dubai, about anything significant to you and wasn’t mentioned in the listing, like the parking situation in the building and whether you’re allowed to keep pets or if the building allows pets and you have concerns regarding living in a pet friendly building, besides any questions and concerns you might have. Get all the information you need before deciding and signing the contract.

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