Best Outdoor Electric Heater For Screened Porch 2023

Here is detailed information about the Best Outdoor Electric Heater For Screened Porch. Staying indoors during the fall and winter can be nice and cozy, but it’s important to get some fresh air every so often. A good way to do this while still staying inside during those cold months is by installing a heated mirror on a closet door or bathroom vanity.

Heated mirrors are an especially great option for areas like bathrooms where you usually apply makeup or shave because they prevent water from ruining your expensive cosmetic products.

The winter can be difficult for everyone. Especially when you might not have proper shelter from the extreme cold and weather conditions that often come with it, like harsh winds and snowstorms .

This is when covered porches come in handy so we’ve compiled a list of five covered porch Best outdoor heaters, taking into consideration some factors like safety, durability, and affordability.

List Of Top 5 Best Outdoor Electric Heater For Screened Porch 2023

Our Top Pick Outdoor Electric Heater : PATIOBOSS Patio Infrared Heater

If you’re looking for a low-cost, high-quality space heater for enclosed environments, then look no further than this model. You need a minimum of 1500 watts of power because your porches are naturally larger than the rooms they connect to.

We’re making a good case for the Warmertek CE-329 Infrared Heater because it performs better than the other big name infrared heaters on the market. This heater can produce 1500 watts of power at its peak. That makes it perfect for toasting up to 150 square feet of area in your enclosed porch.

Additionally, this heater is ETL-certified and you can use it safely outside your house while having a picnic on your porch! When fully charged it takes 3 seconds to warm up.

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5000 to 5500 hours are the life expectancy of this heater’s carbon fibre tube. It can be mounted on a wall and controlled remotely via the included remote control, making it easy to use. The remote control is also used to set the unit to allow you specific temperatures you want and when you want your space warmed up.


  • The best value for the money
  • Ip 34 is the current rating for this film.
  • Certification by ETL


  • It’s a hassle to get about


Runner Up Pick Electric Infrared Heater : Dr Infrared Heater DR-238

Dr. Infrared is our favourite heater for covered porches in Lincoln City, as you may have noticed. Because Dr. Heater is a brand that concentrates on infrared heaters, this is the explanation.

The product made for such temperatures would be similar to this one because their infrared heating technology is the best on the market right now; it’s far better than another popular brand: Rinnai.

As a source of reliable, non-emitting heat for your enclosed porch, you can’t go wrong with the Dr. Infrared Dr.-238. Its 1500W maximum power requires no shifting of genres to keep you warm this winter season; 900W, 1200W and 1500W output wattages make customizing a breeze however if you want to save on energy usage.

As countless people have come to see over the years…you’re On/Off “button” is much more useful than setting little dials or pulling out bells & whistles that do nothing more than take up time.

This pocket heater is going to do wonders for you especially because it features silent operation, easy fan speed and heat selection, as well as infrared heating. Plus, this product boasts a number of high-quality features.

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Even though aluminum is resistant to the elements, it does not have an IP classification. While we recommend this heater for enclosed porches and patios, we do not recommend it for an enclosed wooden porch. Over time, it will wear down and become unsafe to use inside a wooded area.

To ensure safety, the ETL approved heater has overheat protection and is made with a protective mesh cover that deters curious hands.


  • Most cost-effective option
  • The power output that can be altered
  • ETL was included in the list


  • Internet Protocol

Editor Choice Screen Porch Heater : Dr Infrared Heater DR998

The DR998 is like most enclosed porch heaters in that it has wheels that make it portable. Because the DR998 uses infrared technology to produce its heat, it’s best for enclosed spaces such as garages to help keep people more comfortable and safe during winter.

This heater is a great choice if you’re looking for something with more oomph. Because it runs on propane, this heater offers greater heating, which makes it perfect for large outdoor areas or open-concept patios that require higher temperatures.

Even though this heater is larger, the propane tank helps to distribute heat in an even way, making the whole space warm rapidly without producing hot spots like smaller heaters can do.

It has a nice overheat cut-off system too to let you know when it’s getting too hot so you don’t have to worry about your kids or pets being burned by a random accident.

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This heater is much more efficient than others. Its infrared quartz tube and PTC heating element help it ouput heat almost instantly. The power used is relatively low, so it’s easy on your electricity bill too.

Along with getting the house warmed up, this heater also functions as a great humidifier. Whether you decide to add on a humidifier to your heat pump is completely up to you– but we know that there are plenty of reasons why owners overlook using these wonderful tools.

Since both options can be controlled via electronic thermostats and together have the ability to defuse dryness from rooms all year round even in areas where it’s hard for moisture to naturally occur, those homeowners who sit back and let winter blow through their homes probably aren’t entirely aware of how they’re missing out.

The heater is a stand-alone unit, so it can’t be raised or lowered. This means it does not qualify as a free-standing option. You may choose to get an additional table stand to accompany the unit (depending on what kind you buy.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Affordability
  • Thermostat
  • Efficient
  • Humidifier


  • Fixed Height

Best Seller Heater For Porches : R.W.FLAME Electric Patio

Using an RW Flame electric open-air fire pit for outdoors can be a great way to keep your patio warm. This product does not produce hazardous emissions when operated correctly and has four temperature settings to help evenly disperse heat.

The maximum power output for the product is 1500 watts, although it can also operate at 500 and 1000 watts.

It’s true that warm days can be extremely inviting, but sometimes you don’t want the sun’s rays to ruin your indoor outfit. For example, you can make use of this heater on the porch or in your home patio and have a pleasant time in the sun. Surround yourself with comfort with the help of this heater.

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(I’m taking out 1.5 sentences for every short sentence that is added) This heater can function in a variety of ways and also be used as a decorative piece at the same time,

functioning as an overhead shower light and standing vertically to provide hot steam for relieving pains, stuffiness, or more. It will not only warm you up but serve as a night light even if the power goes out.

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A dehumidifier is relatively easy to install and makes use of a drain hose that connects directly to a floor drain or your city’s sewage system. The hoses are secured using stretch ties and fit snugly enough around the pipe to prevent leaking.

If you are unsure about where your P-traps and drainage pipes line up in your home, we’ll gladly come out and take a look for you at no additional charge.

A floor drain can be placed indoors (as long as it does not leak) or outdoors if preferred, but both drains must connect by the end of your dehumidifier’s installation so that all the water captured from your basement or crawlspace ends up in either one of those two locations.


  • Has a wide range of applications.
  • Heat that is both immediate and effective
  • Various levels of heat output


  • Inconspicuousness

Customer Pick Propane Patio Heater : Commercial SunWave Tungsten

A large space heater is ideal for a large enclosed porch; if you have one, get this one. However, searching for space heaters will reveal that propane heaters tend to cover larger areas than electric ones.

If your porch is closed like a screened-in porch or an attached patio, along with the fact that propane heaters pose a risk in enclosed porches, then this is the best type of space heater for you.

Heat Emitters are great for enclosed areas, as they can give a nice, even heat distribution in a smaller space. A good example of this is the Nova Heat Consumer Series.

It’s a 300 square foot enclosed wall-mounted unit that would be excellent for an attached porch, but could also function to relieve an area like an attic so heating bills won’t get too high if one has the money to invest in it.

It doesn’t take long for it to begin heating up the room. Within a matter of minutes, it’s heating the area evenly. As a heat sink, the heater’s metal casing catches and dissipates this heat in an even manner. Avoid uneven temperatures on your porch by making sure that the heat is being caught and dissipated in a uniform manner.

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According to me, the Heatons UP8-G is a heater that has many fantastic selling points. It boasts a patented setup for safer and more efficient heat output. What it does not do though is make your home appear shoddy and unfinished. The IP65-resistant feature also allows you to place it outdoors if you choose to.

The heater brand is one of the best on the market, because of their unmatched infrared heaters. The pricing may come off as a little bit high at first, but it more than makes up for itself in terms of superior construction and higher-quality materials that make for much safer use.

If you need quality heating that won’t break the bank or waste your hard earned money with cheaper products, this is a brand you can rely on.


  • Coverage that Extends Far
  • Inexpensive to run
  • Very fast
  • Ultra-quartz heating element with gold-coating


  • Expensive

Best Outdoor Electric Heater For Screened Porch Buyer’s Guide

How To Choose A Heating System?

If you live in an area with a lot of snow and you can’t shovel your driveway, you need a reliable snow thrower. It’s ideal to own one so that you don’t have to miss work when your kids get home from school nor when it snows overnight.

A good snow thrower is like having a worker in your hands without paying someone else to do the work for you.

When purchasing a heater, you need to consider more than just the area you wish it to heat. You also must consider whether it is safe for your climate and security needs. Infrared heaters are ideal for enclosed porches, but they will not adequately heat a porch that is often larger than most garages.

Ceramic heaters are also inefficient in large areas, but they can still effectively warm bunched up spaces if needed.

Thermostat Design

There are many different styles of enclosed Electric Patio Heater from which to choose. The following are some of these options:

Heaters Mounted On Walls

Ceiling mounted heaters actually on the ceiling can look great. They are at eye level and they dangle downwards. Because they are hanging, they are bound to have some features that will make them readily accessible such as ***** or handles.

Wall mounted heaters have their merits too and it’s always good to keep an open mind about both options, especially if your choice could be implemented well in certain parts of your room.

Patio Heaters For Tables

Personal space heaters, which you might use indoors, are similar to table-top warmers. If you merely want to use them to keep the patio warm, these heaters are best for you. Heaters that stand alone taller than two feet or require a dedicated wall outlet can also be placed on a tabletop if necessary.

Typically speaking, all space heaters must come with an accessible power switch and some kind of safety cutout device, usually in the form of a built-in thermal

There is no need to purchase a freestanding heater. The debate over whether they can stand on their own or need stability from other objects such as a stand, unfortunately, up for.

However, these are just quibbles to the average homeowner because all you need to get started is you plug them in and they’ll be set in no time! It’s also worth noting that these can likewise move along with your porch at your discretion.

Hanging Heaters For The Patio

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While planting a garden alone is exciting and rewarding, chances are that you’ll spend most of your time there with those closest to you. It’s important to note that some plants need extra warmth in order to thrive, and personal heaters could prove harmful.


We recommend that you purchase a heater with at least 1500 watts of power to heat an enclosed space up to 710 square feet. The best way to get the most out of this type of heater is when there are other people around.

You can have more fun on your porch if you have friends or family over during freezing winter months, and this makes it valuable for a heat source to be placed there because it’s likely that humans will gather together for warmth in a place like a porch to escape the cold.

The Ability To Be Transported

If your covered patio is open on all sides, you may want to consider moving your patio heater around. Because a patio is much larger than a room, you may want the heater to be close by.

To move it around an unenclosed porch, a portable heater’s base will feature wheels so that it can be easily moved from one area of the patio to another without sacrificing any of its heat output.

The Use Of Patio Heaters In Screened-In Porches Has Several Advantages

A smaller, enclosed space is going to heat up like an oven when a heater is running. For example, your screened patio or porch will get really hot much faster than a vast open area.

If you want to avoid heating the entire outdoors then focalize the warmth on one area (your favorite spot on the couch in front of the tv) by keeping your furniture arranged this way.

Protection is one of the main things you can give your heater to ensure it goes the distance and works exactly as your family needs.

Choose from our wide range of covers, screens, mounting kits and other accessories which are designed to help bring the comforts you crave into your living space – even in inclement weather conditions such as rain or snow.


Here we conclude all about Propane Patio Heater and Electric Porch Heaters. These are just a few of the many different kinds of patio heaters that you can purchase, so make sure to do your research before making a final selection.

During the winter months, it is essential not to overlook your heating system. An infrared heating system needs to be installed in an enclosed porch for safety and efficiency purposes. Something one should never negotiate during the cold months.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the case of a screened-in porch, can an electric heater be installed?

A single-element infrared heater may be suitable if you have a small screened or three-season porch. In general, a 10 × 10 ft. area can be heated by a single space heater. Consider a larger-dual-element model or two smaller units for larger spaces

Are patio heaters permitted on covered porches?

Patio heaters can be used beneath covered patios as long as they are the appropriate type and size for the patio. Even though they’re safer than fire pits, because each heater requires a different amount of space when it comes to lighting, explosive gases and incidents can arise if one is not careful.

One should always read manufacturer’s guides carefully and follow their advice when using patio heaters inside enclosed spaces.

Propane heaters can be used in screened porches, but is it safe?

Propane heaters have a lot of safety hazards associated with their usage. For example, they are not able to be operated safely in covered patios because the flames will ignite the roof and burn your property.

It is also of note that propane heaters must be cleaned after each period of use and should never be left unattended, because otherwise you could very easily start a fire when you aren’t paying attention.

Are infrared heaters better than other warmers?

Infrared heaters are the more energy efficient home heating option. Though gas and Weatherproof outdoor electric heater heaters can both produce a great deal of heat, any additional output within these systems goes to waste. In comparison, infrared heaters use 100 percent of their generated heat – regardless of where that heat is coming from.

lava rocks, ceramic emitters, or even everyone’s favorite: light bulbs! As an infrared heater gains in popularity, they aren’t limited just by their source of power. Infrared heater owners also have the choice between propane, natural gas and electricity as well.

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